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We are honored to name our athletes of the month for June: Erin Melzer and John Hathaway!

Erin with best buddy Jenessa

Erin Melzer has been with us since February 2017, and all of the coaches were shocked that she hadn’t been picked yet for AOTM. Maybe because it seemingly goes without saying that Erin is an all-star athlete and friend, so much so that it feels like she is AOTM every month! Erin is incredibly athletic and capable of some amazing things, but what makes her such a special athlete is her ability to take each day one at a time. She approaches her workouts with deliberate consideration, and always does what she is capable of that day. That kind of humility and awareness is very enviable. Outside of being an top-notch athlete, Erin is a major bad-ass outside of the gym. She is a carpenter, and frequently is the only woman on mostly-male crews. Her work is both physically demanding, and emotionally demanding, working with dudes who consistently underestimate how talented she is. Erin recently started teaching classes at the Women’s Woodshop, where womxn and non-binary folks can learn how to use power tools, build items for the home and more. If you haven’t had the pleasure of spending time with Erin yet, please do! She is an incredible friend; thoughtful, kind, patient, loyal and so loving. We are so proud to call her a Solcanaut!

John Hathaway joined us in October 2017, and has had a huge impact on our coaching staff and his fellow athletes in that short time. He first joined our Body Adapt program, and Coach Jenn Schaal says he was always willing to try something the first time without hesitation, and was always successful. After Body Adapt, John has become a regular fixture of the evening classes. John might not be the loudest person in the room,┬ábut as Coach Ryan says, “his persistence speaks for him. He is super coach coachable, brings a positive energy to class, and always has a smile and encouragement to offer.” John is one of those people who is secret funny. I say that because some people (like me) are clown funny, willing to slip on a banana and sacrifice their body for a laugh. John on the other hand, will drop a joke or comment on the side that just snipes ya with the giggles. I so appreciate having him in my class because he always has a kind word and a laugh. I also remember the first time John did box jumps in the gym, he was like “I guess I will give 20″ a try, not sure if I can”, and then proceeded to do 20″ box jumps for the whole workout. Don’t underestimate John, he is a powerhouse! Smart, funny and brave, John is one to look out for. If you haven’t met him yet, stop by an evening class and say hello!

Thank you both Erin and John for being incredible members, we are so proud to know you.

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