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Emma (and Puff) checking in today to let you know about some updates I’ve made to the Essential You programming.  The pre-existing programming is phenomenal and spoke to Lucia’s incredible knowledge and experience. I’m taking the magic she already had in place and expanding it a bit to include a more whole person approach!





We are going to be looking at how social, emotional, physical and energetic components impact our nutrition and eating habits by completing an assessment in the very beginning of the program.  This will give you the chance to increase your awareness around how various factors impact your personal wellbeing. After becoming more aware of where you experience imbalance, you will have the opportunity to write out concrete goals for yourself, which we will revisit each week to establish the support and action steps needed to meet that goal.  There will be an optional food challenge as well. We’re doing this in a group setting because there is magic that happens in a group! There is built in accountability and a plethora of support. Sharing and hearing others’ stories is an effective way to inspire change and sustainable growth.  Of course it is not a requirement for anyone to share personal stories or information.  My goal is to create an environment where people do feel safe to do so if it feels beneficial.



Back to the program…We will talk about how stress, money, time, emotions, body image, social factors, and physical fitness all play a role in the foods we eat and how making informed, conscious choices can greatly impact how we feel about each of those realms in our lives!

I’m really excited about this next round and am even more excited about how many people have already signed up!  There will be two spots remaining, after we select the raffle winner on April 9. Which, if you haven’t entered into the raffle to win a spot in the upcoming round, you can do so here: Essential You Raffle

Please don’t be shy if you have any questions or need some support making the choice if Essential You is a good fit for your goals and intentions!  I LOVE being a part of the changes people want to make and it would bring me such joy to have a conversation about where you’re at and what you want to accomplish when it comes to your wellbeing.  You can also reach out directly to me to register!


Get ahold of me here: [[emma  @]]


I’m here for you, buddies! 



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