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Congratulations to our two amazing Athletes of the Month, Steph James and Max Poessnecker!

Steph is one of those surprising people who seem quiet and reserved on the surface until they just knock you over with their badassery. Over the last two years, Steph has worked consistently, with a curiosity about movement and about her own body that has allowed her to push through some challenging obstacles and really get the most out of her time here. Steph has a demanding job providing legal counsel to the MN Senate, yet she still makes time for the gym and clearly finds joy in working out and being part of the community. She is an anchor of the FTW weekend classes, and is so kind, encouraging, and subtly hilarious. Coach Kaitlin said “I love having Steph James in class. Whenever 9am FTW gets a lil rowdy, she’s my go-to person. If I can get Steph’s attention, she somehow gets everyone else on board.” Steph is a lover of animals and the outdoors, and is an avid mountain biker as well!







Max is a really down-to-earth person who has many gifts to share (and I’m not referring only to popcorn.) Coach Kaitlin says “Max is consistent, positive and super fun to have in class. They provide an encouraging voice to their fellow athletes.” Coach Jeff adds “Max has pushed themselves just about perfectly since they started with us. They are always challenging themselves but without letting their ego dictate the weights. Max packs a lot of power into a small package.” Max has a flair for working a crowd and did a terrific job as a host and MC for the coaches workout we had a couple months back. They spend their days creating programming and doing advocacy work that lifts up voices and experiences of LGBTQ students at Century College. Max brings a fun-loving vibe to the early morning classes and their hair is always on point, even at 6:30am. Thanks for being your sweet self, Max! We are so lucky to have you!

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