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Shevaun Church and Katie Burgess are two of the most fascinating people you’ll ever know. They are both the type of people who like to constantly learn new things, and are willing to try anything.

Shevaun is a woo-woo goddess. She is a magical skin-care guru as well as a food-lover. She is always thinking about ways to improve her gut health, experimenting with how food feels in her body, and sharing her wisdom with others. She considers her body an ever-transforming organism, and performs experiments on herself to see what works and what doesn’t. In the gym she is a dedicated athlete and puts in a lot of time and effort into her strength. She loves squatting and hates cleans but always gives it everything she’s got. One thing we also admire about her is that she is really good at saying what she needs and taking each day for what it is, so if she is not feeling 100% she just does what she can and treats her body with tons of respect.




Katie is the wild card we all need in life. She has this sparkle in her eye that’s like “you can’t predict what I am going to do, but you’re probably going to like it”. She has a magnetic personality and so many interesting stories to tell. Also she is a professional clown and that in its own right is incredible. In the gym, Katie is a fricking maniac. She GOES FOR IT. Don’t get me wrong, she has her limits and can draw boundaries when she needs to, but if she has her mind set on something, she will achieve it. Working out next to her is great because she is fast and furious and fun to chase. Also, Katie is a mobility teacher with us and her classes are the best!


-Coach Hannah 

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