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Congratulations to our November Athletes of the Month, Martha Williams and Marit Peterson!

Coach Jenn Schaal nominated Martha: “She’s been a diligent crossfitter since body adapt and I love seeing the progress she’s making (even though i haven’t coached her since BA). Seriously, her consistency is awesome!” Coach AJ adds “Martha is awesome to coach. She’s been consistent in her evening attendance and been working on her squat form which has seen improvement week to week. Martha has gotten very comfortable with handstands and with having weight overhead.  Martha works with teen students at an alternative school, and I’ve often wondered how her gains in the gym might be transferring to other aspects of her life and work in the classroom.” Coach Hannah says “Martha gives me a look of ‘really?’ every time I tell her that her movement looks good, but that’s likely because I rarely tell her otherwise. There are many special things about Martha, but one of them is that she is a physical chameleon, meaning that she can adapt her body to complete whatever task is set in front of her with ease. It’s pretty incredible to witness! As a result she has become really adept at the olympic lifts, the snatch and clean and jerk, lifts which most people shy away from.”

Coach Hannah says “Marit has been a client of mine for at least 5 years at this point. After she had her babies she took some time away and supported Adam getting back into it. Once she could also make time for herself, she jumped right back in full force. She has a routine that she does not break and comes super consistently even when she was coming back after a long hiatus. I joke with Marit that she is a butterfly because she often forgets what weights she has done before and might not be the first to jump at the chance to lift heavier than the week before. However, recently I have noticed that Marit is stepping out of her comfort zone and really pushing herself to try something new. In addition to her physical strength, Marit has the kind of personality that makes you feel warm and gooshy inside. She is kind, thoughtful and a great story-teller. She is inquisitive and friendly and genuinely makes people feel cared for.” Coach Kaitlin adds “Marit is incredible. She’s consistent and always has SUCH a phenomenal attitude. Humble and motivated to continually improve. Takes feedback applies it like a champ. Asks great questions and is super funny.” Marit gets props from many of the coaches for being so positive, fun to work out with, coachable, and for getting those kipping pullups!

Marit as Slash on Halloween, Martha at home

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Bill Williams

I always suspected you were really Wonder Woman in disguise!

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