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What first drew you to adding mobility into your routine?

I’ve always enjoyed yoga, so I was excited to try out Solcana’s version.

What was your first mobility experience like?

It was nice. More relaxed with longer poses than other classes I’d been to. I definitely felt the focus was on rejuvenating my muscles rather than working them.

What are the benefits you’ve noticed from incorporating mobility?

Increased flexibility, which means getting closer to proper form on my squat and snatch. Clearer head-space after devoting time to breathing and letting go. Happy joints and muscles!

Is there anything that gets you really jazzed about mobility?

I always enjoy going to the dimly lit, cozy mobility space, listening to calming music, and having any of the awesome mobility coaches guide me through a routine. One of the best forms of self-care that I practice.

What one piece of advice or insight would you share with someone that may be reserved about mobility?

Mobility is crucial for your CrossFit workout! I am not a limber human and I never knew how much my inflexibility was holding me back. If I want to come close to hitting proper lifting form, mobility is key.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I encourage everyone to give it a go. It’s just stretching, it’s not scary, and your body will thank you when you’re at the bottom of an overhead squat!

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