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Kira has been a steady, consistent and fun presence in the mobility classes! Thank you, Kira, for always showing up and taking the time to balance your efforts in the gym with gentle, restorative movements.

Read on for what Kira shared about her mobility experience


What first drew you to adding mobility into your routine?

Growth. Physically, my body was getting tired and stiff from CrossFit and Beginner Oly classes. Mentally, I needed variety and the opportunity to develop an appreciation for tranquility.

What was your first mobility experience like?

My first class was in my first week and it was Yoga Peeps with Wendy. I was the only person in class and while Wendy was very accommodating and patient, I felt overwhelmed and didn’t try another mobility class for months. I can’t recall exactly what my second class was, but think it was with Liv. I’d been in a few CrossFit classes with her and felt more comfortable giving mobility a second try. My second solo class was with Amelia. I was really apprehensive and even told her that we could phone it in–it was an XL class after all. She was so easygoing and sincere–it was memorable and I posted to the Homies page about it.

What are the benefits you’ve noticed from incorporating mobility?

Less joint stiffness and muscle tightness, the ability to focus my usual mouth breathing to maintain calm rather than flip out, getting to know some of our fellow Solcanauts a little better, and hilarious or thought provoking instructor-isms.

Is there anything that gets you really jazzed about mobility?

Because I function at a fairly fast pace and high energy level, I’ve grown to appreciate using the mobility practice to take it down about 10 notches and make myself be in that moment. Mobility is the chillest part of my day.

What one piece of advice or insight would you share with someone that may be reserved about mobility?

Each instructor has their own vibe–reserve judgement until you try a couple of each of their classes. Your experience and flexibility levels don’t really matter because the instructors are approachable, responsive, and inclusive. The mobility space feels different from the CrossFit space. While the CrossFit classes are about oneself and one’s limits, there’s a sort of hyperawareness of where everyone is in time and space. In mobility, you’re completely honed in on yourself, at that moment, on your mat. There’s no downward dog for hip angle or thread the needle for time.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Hopefully, I didn’t portray mobility as boring. The music, conversation (it isn’t always dead silent), and inventive use of props make the practice dynamic and engaging. I love that at the start of class, the instructors ask if there are any areas we want to focus on and are adaptable enough to include movements.

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