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Congratulations to our August Athletes of the Month, Kristina Meanley and Kristin Nierengarten!


Kristina joined us in May of this year ahead of preparing for a physical law enforcement exam. Here is what we love about her:

Gubby: I worked with Kristina Meanly before her big erg test and she blew it out of the water — very committed — and she has been working out since then too! She worked really hard and consistently. 2k tests are not easy but she went full force, practiced for a whole month, and attacked that 2k!! She did awesome because she was willing to ask for help and work hard on her own.

Coach Ryan: Kristina has such a positive attitude and embraced crossfit fully. It started with just wanting to row better for her law enforcement exam but she quickly started coming in 5+ days a week. Her boyfriend has been out of town for the past week and she’s been spending all of her free time at Solcana because according to her there isn’t a place she’d rather be. Plus, I really like her taste in shoes.

Coach Ariel: Kristina does it all from attending the day of fun to running and rocking the 5k to being a dedicated and hard working powerlifter.



Kristin joined us in March of this year and has been working hard to perfect her movement, and we are all very impressed with her dedication! Here is what her coaches have to say:

Coach Bobby: Kristin has been super committed to improvement. Kristin has come to every Friday workout for the deadlift cycle and has gotten strong af! She is committed to form but is also willing to push herself on the weight she pulls each week. Her progress has been a pleasure to witness. She also brings great attitude to every class she participates in.

Coach Jerik: Kristin is dedicated to getting better. We scaled her squat back to goblet squats and front squats for many weeks before advancing to the back squat, which has improved immensely. She said early on she would much rather do things right with little weight than try to get strong at things improperly. She isn’t afraid to ask her coaches what to do if she’s unsure and even better yet she isn’t afraid to choose modifications on her own once she’s learned they work for her.

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