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Introducing July’s Mobili-Buddy: Hope Hansmeyer!

Thank you for sharing your insights regarding the many benefits of mobility both in and out of the gym, Hope. We are so grateful to have the time with you that we have!

What first drew you to adding mobility into your routine?

Initially, it was because it was incorporated as part of the Body Adapt program. I was establishing new routines in my health in general- doing Lucia’s nutrition class and two workouts a week, so it only seemed natural to also take the opportunity to add mobility as well!

What was your first mobility experience like?

Very welcoming! The instructor and everyone in the class did a great job making me feel comfortable and communicating what to expect.

What are the benefits you’ve noticed from incorporating mobility?

It’s more so that I notice when I don’t go! The weeks that I don’t make it to mobility as regularly, I feel tight, achy, and tense throughout the day. Mobility makes such a huge difference in making my body respond well to the gains I’m making in other classes!

Is there anything that gets you really jazzed about mobility?

Mobility always leaves me with such a high. It feels SO GOOD to leave class much bendier than when I started!

What one piece of advice or insight would you share with someone that may be reserved about mobility?

It only takes a couple classes to feel the difference in your body from going to class and not. If you can power through your misgivings and hesitations about mobility (or yoga in general), the benefits are incredible. It’ll only help you in the long haul, why not protect all the work you’re already putting into your body?

Anything else you’d like to share?

I love mobility and love that Solcana includes it in the standard membership. It’s been a game changer for me!

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