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Hello Brilliant Community,

We have been so moved by the participation and energy around the #comeasyouare campaign and are excited to introduce the next phase to our community and are requesting your help.

The next phase is going to be about celebrating and honoring the many incredible things our bodies can do now and the powerful things we are working towards. It’s also about leaving room for the struggles and sharing our stories with the highs and the lows. #comeasyouare, #thisbodyis…, #ownyourstory and #solcanaself will be the primary hashtags for the campaign and we will invite YOU to take pics of yourself and/or others (upon their request) doing things you and/or they are proud of, such as:

  • PR’ing a snatch
  • Making progress on push-ups
  • Nutritional choices
  • Going to mobility
  • Fit-fashion game strong
  • Mental health stuff
  • Getting your ass to the gym when that seems like the hardest thing to do

Pics of things you are struggling with, like:

  • Body image
  • Progress on any movement
  • Food stuff
  • Attitude
  • Mental health stuff

and/or anything you want with your body/mind/heart. You can then share a bit of your experience if you feel so inspired.

So, before we jump into Phase II, we want to celebrate Phase I with a good ole fashioned photo shoot. The talented Adam Iverson will set up a space for folks to be photographed on Tuesday, June 27 throughout the morning, afternoon and evening. We hope to continue the theme of #comeasyouare so please feel free to do exactly that! Come when you can, throughout the day, exactly as you are.

Then, the hope with Phase II is that we will be able to inspire people to see their bodies as capable and strongAF despite mainstream ideals. We want to make sure all bodies feel they have space here with us at Solcana to learn, play and grow.

Thank you for considering being a part of this movement. We hope that everyone in our community and beyond will be given the opportunity to celebrate their own strengths and accomplishments while also fostering compassion for the growth edges.

With big ole hearts,

Your Solcana Fam

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