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You are enough. You are whole and deserving of a life full of love. And these things are true simply because you exist.

In January, there was a quote on the goal board that read: “Your body is an act of resistance.”

I’ve been sitting with this quote and have found it to be incredibly accurate and empowering.

Our society does a really good job of driving home the notion that we are only valuable if we are productive and have some sort of goal to work towards. Here’s the thing – you are valuable simply because you exist. Goals are great to have and give us a sense of purpose and direction. That doesn’t mean you HAVE to have one to be deemed worthy of basic human rights. Simply being human means that you deserve those rights.

Mobility and meditation are both opportunities to sit with your body and entire self, as it is, with no other objective or goal in mind. Again, our culture has embedded in us that sitting still is a waste of time. That we must continue to do-do-do. In meditation, our intention is to be un-productive! To sit with our experience and focus on our breath or some other mantra or focal point. We do not need to be solving any problems or fixing anything “wrong” with us or the world. This allows the body and the mind to rest. When we are at rest, or have access to regular and consistent rest, we have greater access to our internal resources for creativity, problem solving and more authentic connection. This is counter to what the system wants or expects of us. The system expects us to be complacent and to go along with the status quo. Um, no thank you!

In mobility, we invite our body to become passive and to rest in the long holds so that our muscle’s connective tissue can chill out for a few minutes and relax. This is what allows our joints to open up and increase in their range of motion. I like to see this as a metaphor. If the joints in my body are open and have an increased range of motion, my day to day actions have a further reach. I can be more open and intentional with my choices and the causes I support and give from a more energized and engaged place.
When we sit together, meditating and mobilizing, we enhance the power of that experience. We connect as a community and put out some pretty mega vibes letting society know we will not become powerless. We will not let certain tactics become overwhelming to the point of paralysis.

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