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On March 6th, Metcon is getting a makeover!  

I’d like to introduce to you our new program, Endurance. Endurance will be replacing Metcon, but you can think of it as sort of a continuation of Metcon with a few extra perks added.

The Metcon premise was very straightforward: Warm up, work out, cool down. Boom. Done. Go eat some carbs, etc. While this has been awesome to program and coach, we want to create a program with some more specific, long-reaching goals in mind.

So, who is Endurance for?

  • Well, technically everyone!
  • Anyone looking to increase their cardiovascular capacity/health. Whether you are totally new to fitness or you’ve been working out for a while but find yourself hitting a wall past the 10 minute mark in a workout – Endurance is going to help you build your engine.
  • Athletes looking to start a new program based on goal setting for a specific event. (Currently Googling “Couch to 5k”? Just signed up for your first 10k/half marathon/marathon/beyond? We’ve got you.)
  • Anyone looking to improve their performance for a particular sport. (Running, soccer, baseball, rugby, swimming, and so on.)
  • People who love just love workin’ out!


What will we do in Endurance class?

Endurance class will initially be Monday through Thursday, with an additional Saturday class being incorporated in April. Each day will have a specific focus, so you can mix and match the classes that cater to your personal goals. There will be strength/skill/power movements, followed by a Crossfit workout that is catered toward the day’s focus. The daily focuses will be:

  • Speed
  • Tempo
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Hybrid training
  • Running Skills

In addition to all of the skills each of these days will focus on, we will

  • Build a base level of strength with lifts in the hypertrophy range. (Big muscles are strong muscles and strong muscles drive performance)
  • Work on important functional skills like balance, flexibility, and coordination.
  • Develop the skill of breathing properly during workouts.
  • Increase our power output. Jumping. Sprinting. Carrying. Pulling. Oh my!


Lastly, what Endurance isn’t:

  • It’s not just a bunch of running and/or rowing. Yes, those things will be involved, but there is much, MUCH more than just those two movements.
  • It’s not a bootcamp.
  • It’s not bodyweight movements only. We have barbells and we know how to use them. Also dumbbells, kettlebells, and the PR bell. Our goal just won’t be to increase our 1-Rep Max, but rather increasing capacity in higher rep ranges.
  • It’s not “just cardio.” There will be more of a metabolic conditioning focus than regular Crossfit class, but we are lifting, jumping, scrappin’, yellin’, and mixin’ it up!


I think when we added the Metcon program, there was some confusion over exactly what it was. This time around we are going to do a few things we have never done before.  First, we are going to release a sample of the programming ahead of time.


Click HERE to check it out.


Second, we are going to open reservations for the first week of Endurance classes super early. In fact, you can go into WODify right now and reserve your spot for Endurance. Just select “Endurance” from the Program drop-down menu, then set the date to anywhere from Monday March 6th to Thursday March 9th, and reserve your spot now! Classes take place in the Vulcana Room. Can’t wait to see you there!

If you have any questions you can email [email protected].  

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