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Solcanacast PodcastAhhhh, those good old grains. WAIT. ARE THEY GOOD? Should they be BAD? Isn’t Paleo how everyone should eat? Why am I saying should so much?? Well hey. Let Lucia settle your stomach (ew) and give you something to mull on as you’re munching on those grains. Later, Hannah helps us all hop aboard the #gainztrain and take a ride into GainzTown together. Jump on, it’s fun! Special feat. Prince Petey. Got more questions, thoughts or feedback? Hey, good! Tweet us @solcanapodcast and let us know what’s up–who do you want us to interview next? What’s a subject you want us to pay some attention to?

Lucia’s Challenge: Chew your carbs for a long time and notice if they start to taste sweeter due to the breakdown of the starches into more simple molecules.

Hannah’s Challenge: How is your workout after Thanksgiving or any big meal plus rest?

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