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The reason we host these gym-wide challenges is to embark on taking care of ourselves individually, together. Which I think in this day and age could almost be considered a radical act. I want to remind you: The Winter Destress Quest is completely doable! Sign up and give it a try. You won’t be alone because everyone gets paired with a partner! There’s no need to be intimidated by this, and the quest is here to support you and help you play around with a few lifestyle factors that can impact your stress levels. It’s different than the June Destress Quest we completed earlier this year, too. It’s created from the same base, but hey, I get it, it’s the holidays! There will be parties, there will be functions, and delightfully so!

Because of this, here’s how this season’s challenge is unique. Each person can get up to 4 points each day (therefore teams can get up to a total of 8 points per day), one from each of the following sections:

Food: Yes, we’re opting away from a few physiological stressors, and because of this we’re holding off on gluten-containing grains and refined sugars. That means, wait for it… alcohol is OK on this challenge! It is the holidays, after all. Additionally¬† starches naturally free of gluten, like white and brown rice, corn, potatoes, wild rice and beyond are all great. We’re simply nixing those two biggies for a bit to lessen the load. Fruit, fresh or dried? Lovely. Bring it! Mango sorbet, strawberry sauce on banana ice cream? Baby, bring me one/all. Brownies? Yup. Muffins? Yes. Granola? Yep! Don’t fear this part of the challenge! There is so, so much to enjoy.

Sleep: We’re still opting for those 8 glorious hours, but if you’re someone that naturally just sleeps less, don’t worry. Alls you gotta do is chill out without a screen for a half hour before going to bed. This also applies to those who do sleep those 8 hours or more.

Self-care: This one is literally about you having fun for 10 minutes each day. I want you to make yourself laugh, or find a friend or video to do the trick. I want you to cuddle your dog for 10 minutes, or take a 10 minute nap. The self-care portion of the Quest is whatever qualifies as self-care to YOU!

Movement: To get the movement point, simply engage in movement for an hour or more each day. If this means a crossfit class, mobility or METCON session, very lovely. Is this means going for a walk, stretching at home or rough-housing with the dog, even lovelier! Just get your body moving in space.

Alright? Alright! You intrigued yet? Dare I mention that the winning team will get lovely, holiday swag? And probably some hugs? Ok, definitely hugs. Reserve your spot in the quest below and come kick it with us December 4th through 18th!

Questions? e-mail [email protected] right quick and I’ll answer any and all.




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