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Congratulations to our September Athletes of the Month, Jess Finney and Brianna Regan! Both athletes have been with us since December, and since then they have made indelible impressions on the Solcana community.

Jess_FinneyCoach Hannah described first meeting Jess: “she told me ‘I know I am strong and can do anything, I just need a coach that understands that I can do a lot with this body’. That alone is so true to her character – she represents exceptional fortitude in all circumstances, and doesn’t let anyone dictate her life for her. She is dealing with a lot right now with her dad being ill, and her level of openness about her struggles, her ability to ask for help and still be a supportive friend, is just incredible to me.” And Coach Ryan adds “Jess is just a warrior.  She has apologized for crying in class but never lets it get in the way of showing up the next day… I can tell she’s going through a lot but she still makes time for the things that are important to her health.” And from Coach Ariel: “She is extremely strong physically and mentally.  She models and inspires others by openly pushing herself to be her best and by caring for herself… she has a great mental game from all her running and triathlons. It is beautiful to see her so open about her struggles and her triumphs in the gym and life. She is an inspiration to all.”

BriannaIn the short amount of time she’s been here, Brianna has consistently ventured outside her comfort zone by trying out new sports: joining the Oly team and preparing for two meets to date, and training and running with the Solcana Ragnar team this summer. Brianna gets props from her coaches for showing up to the gym each day with an amazingly positive attitude and strong work ethic. Coach Hannah sees her as “a ball of sunshine, even when things aren’t going her way. I was lucky enough to be on her Ragnar team, and she kept her head up the whole time even when things got tough. She is a world-class athlete (literally, she went to worlds for team figure skating), but is still humble and kind in the gym.” Brianna is someone I always look forward to having in class. She is calm and collected, doesn’t back down easily from a challenge, and her presence has an uplifting effect on those around her. Coach Ariel adds that “Brianna always has a smile on her face and is very positive.  She adds a lot of energy, joy and enthusiasm to every class and group she touches.”

Lucia notes that both Jess and Brianna “have embraced the wellness side of things around the gym and are actively curious about how to support their health in all arenas” and Coach Marijke says “both of them are the type of people who will try anything, ask if they did it right, and then make any necessary changes–very coachable.”

Give these two athletes a high five when you see them in the gym to acknowledge their hard work and outstanding efforts!

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