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By Coach Hannah

Fall is here! September means that the weather is changing, kids are back in school and we are diving head first into our fall challenge. Last year our fall challenge was The CrossFit Total: 1RM of back squat, deadlift and shoulder press. This year, we are mixing it up and going for a more dynamic strength approach. The challenge is The New Total:

Tamra being B-A
Tamra being B-A

1 RM of Clean, OH squat and Bench 

This total combines three movements that require a wide-range of skills. You have to be mobile, technical, and have brute strength to accomplish these three lifts at a high-level. It seems like the perfect combination for an exceptional fall challenge.

On Wednesday of this week I will post the sign-up for the challenge. The whole gym will be participating in the same program, however, those who participate in the actual challenge will gain a few extra goodies. First, you will be in the running to win prizes for best overall score, most improved and spirit of the challenge. Secondly, I will give you a BONUS 3-day per week, 15-minute per day program that you can do during open gym, before class, after class, etc. This bonus mini-program is designed to help you get even stronger and more skilled during the fall challenge so you can improve your score.

Cycle dates:
Pre-test: week of Oct 2nd
6-week cycle: Oct 8th – Nov 19th
Re-test: week of Nov 20th

What to Expect:
Mondays: Clean + Front Squat
Tuesdays: Bench
Wednesdays: OH Squat
Thursdays: Bench
Fridays: Clean + accessory strength
Saturdays: Accessory strength + longer metcons

When to Come:
Beginner Athletes (0-6 mo): MW and either T/Th. Prioritize learning the 3 lifts that are part of the challenge.
Beginner Athletes (6-12 mo): MW, either T/Th and Sa will help you get strong and still build your engine.
All Other Athletes: MTWF, with bonus mini-program and either longer metcons on Sat or added bench work during open gym. Either way, get one day per week of clean, bench and OH squat and find time to work on weaknesses outside of class.

This challenge requires you to be both mobile and stable in the overhead position, and in the bottom of squat position. All three lifts demand mobility in your spine, hips and shoulders. Spend some extra time attending mobility classes during this challenge, and using some of the skills you learn there to add 10-minutes of additional mobility work 3x per week. Adding in even 30 minutes of mobility per week can drastically change the way you lift.

Got bad shoulders? A few of you are unable to do an OH squat for a host of reasons that are outside of your control. I likely already know who you are, but if not, please reach out to me. I will have alternative Wednesday programming for you to follow so you can still come to the gym but work on something that makes more sense for you.

Requirements for the lifts:
Clean: can be either full or power clean. Full clean is recommended as you can lift more weight that way, but it is not required. Bar must start at the floor and athlete must end in an upright position with stable footing.

OH squat: Bar can be in any grip and brought overhead in any way. Once feet are set, athlete must reach full depth squat with hip-crease below top of knee, while maintaining the bar overhead. A target may be used to reach full depth. If full depth squat is not possible, an athlete can use a target, as long as the target is the same in pre-test and re-test.

Bench: Feet must maintain contact with the floor, but there is no requirement for butt or head to maintain contact with the bench. The bar must make contact with the chest with control, and the bar cannot be heaved off the body. There is no pause required.

This cycle is going to be really amazing. I can’t wait to see the growth that each of you will have in such a short period of time. It’s going to be an incredible challenge and opportunity to become even more strong AF. Tune in this Wednesday to officially register for the challenge and pre-order some hot new Solcana swag!


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