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I came to yoga curious and interested in finding something that brought greater connection to my body as well as lessening the anxiety in my mind. It worked! 🙂

As far as Solcana, I came here initially because I wanted to explore that relationship with my physical self even deeper. What I discovered in CrossFit was a workout that challenged my muscles in ways yoga didn’t. And then subsequent yoga classes showed me how important that focus on mobility is. They are like a yin and yang to each other, and I like being immersed in both! In addition to stretching out muscles that are working so hard, I like mobility at Solcana because the practice allows an opportunity to practice mindfulness around the role of breath in movement and that focus on all aspects of self beyond the physical self: our mental, emotional and and spiritual sides that are all intersected with that physical self we focus on so much.

In addition to all that, I’m an avid traveler and have visited 6 continents and over 20 countries. And I just finished reading Harry Potter for the first time!

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