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It’s time to recognize our August athletes of the month, Meghan Casey and Ray Ringer!
meghan_caseyMeghan Casey has shown amazing consistency and dedication to her own training and to the community. Her confidence has soared over the last year as she has thrown herself into not just exercise but nutrition, mobility, and mindfulness. Coach Ariel says “she never gives up. She keeps consistently showing up, trying new suggestions, and chipping away at her weaknesses. She is slowly but surely making lots of progress on her strength and her squat mobility.” And Coach Hannah adds: “Meghan has been at the gym for almost the entire time we have been open. I have watched her go from someone who says “I can’t” to someone who says “I can and I want to”. She has made a ton of progress on her strength and mobility, as well as her confidence in the gym. She is kind and loyal and always thinks of other people. She goes out of her way to make other people feel welcome and is a great ambassador for Solcana.” We are proud of your hard work Meghan, and this recognition is well deserved!
ray_ringerRay Ringer came to us from another gym when he moved to the Seward neighborhood. He has done a great job of showing up consistently and setting new goals. Coach Marijke says “Ray is a strong athlete both with barbells and gymnastic moves. He knows how to push himself and also when to scale appropriately. He’s never cocky, even when he’s really good at something.” This spring, Ray competed in the beginner weightlifting meet, with a 6/6 performance. Ray has also embraced and helped create the positive culture of Solcana. Coach Jenn says “Ray is a thoughtful leader who always always always cheers his fellow athletes on.” Coach Ryan adds “Ray is just a plain ol’ happy, nice guy. Never has a negative thing to say about anyone or anything.” Ariel echoes these observations: “He always has a smile on his face and is so supportive of everyone else in class.” Outside the gym, Ray is a musician with the band batteryboy, and you can see him perform at their cd release this Friday the 5th at Icehouse!

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