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By Liv

I’m stressing about the Destress Quest, y’all. No wine? No bread?!? NO GUMMI WORMS??? There goes about 90% of my diet. Okay, nowhere near 90%, but when faced with a twelve day horizon without the sweet caress of candy on my lips, it feels like it. And then I see people’s great recipe ideas and tips and I get even more stressed out. It all seems so foreign and difficult to me. For something that’s Suposed to destress me, the anticipation is killing me.

Happy birthday dear Liv

So for the rest of this blog post, I’m going to focus on the part of the challenge that I’m the best at. I am really good at sleeping. Seriously. Check out those graphs from my sleep tracker (Sleep Cycle)! I get almost 8 hours a night and almost 80% high quality sleep. That’s a higher average than the best sleeping country! Deal with it, New Zealand! I literally sleep so well and so hard that I once slept through my family blowing up balloons and decorating our hotel room for my birthday. Slept through it, yes, but woke up terrified because waking up surrounded by balloons is terrifying.

That being said, sleeping is not always something that magically happens the minute I close my eyes. Luckily, the two tricks I have that help are right up the DQ* alley: yoga and meditation. If I’m not falling asleep, I try a couple of yoga poses and then pop on a meditation track (on my other favorite app: Stop, Think & Breathe).

This month’s mobility challenge is meant to complement the Destress Quest. Instead of racking up 10 minutes in one pose, try this three pose sequence before bed at least twice a week this month. If you feel like taking a picture or writing about it, use the hashtag #mobilityzzz to let us know how it went.

The three pose sequence is simply butterfly (feet together, legs in a big diamond, fold forward), a supine twist (shoulders on the ground, knees to one side, looking the opposite direction), and legs up the wall (exactly what it’s called). Hold each pose for one to two minutes and then crawl under the covers.

Sweet dreams, homies. And don’t forget, mobility counts as movement for your Destress Quest. 🙂

*Destress Quest, not my home-away-from-home that will probably worry about me during the twelve days, Dairy Queen

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