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June is a special month at Solcana as we celebrate our 2nd anniversary! We are also excited to announce our two Athletes of the Month for June, Kyle Andrew and Kaitlin Korbitz. These badasses diligently prepared for and competed in our Beginner Oly Meet (at which both of them went 6 for 6, making every attempt on the platform!!!) and are known for putting themselves out there fearlessly. Please congratulate these strong humans on their awesomeness next time you see them. joined us in early March, and boy does she know how to show up. She attends crossfit and mobility classes like it’s her job! She was already a dedicated triathlete but she suspected that strength sports would be right up her alley. I saw a sparkle in Kaitlin’s eye when we first met and I mentioned our powerlifting/oly teams. Within a couple of months, she had signed up for her first sanctioned weightlifting meet. She soon became a regular at Thursday night Beginner Oly class. Coach Jenn says “Her confidence in Oly lifting has grown so much as she was dedicated to prepping for the meet. She shows up and is PRESENT.” Kaitlin is a fun training partner, is easy to be around and brings a certain lightness to a class but she always knows how to buckle down and turn it on when the time comes. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the next year, Kaitlin!


kyle ASome people’s glasses are half-full, some are half-empty, but Kyle is a “glass is overflowing” type of guy. He is open-hearted, always kind, curious, and strong AF. Kyle is a great athlete because he celebrates all types of progress and uses that to fuel his effort in the gym. For certain, some days it’s a huge new deadlift or clean and jerk number, but he also bestows equal importance on the less-glamorous types of PRs: how awesome (and noteworthy) it is to be able to jump a little higher, get through more reps than last time, or overcome moments of self-doubt. This is an incredibly strong and sustainable mindset, and it’s no surprise that Kyle has made such gains since joining us 14 months ago. He also has a major heart for community, and it shows whether he is encouraging other athletes or organizing a supply drive for refugees as he did last winter.


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