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12371117_878751302239055_1377358833120841593_oStarting this week, we are moving into our new spring cycle. This first week is all about recovering from the open, having a little fun, and getting a taste of what the rest of the cycle will look like. The spring cycle will run from this March 28th until our Beginner Olympic Weightlifting Meet on May 21st. The overall goal of this cycle is to improve on the snatch and clean + jerk. With that comes a lot of other work on things like squats, push press, pulls and overhead position. We will be snatching and cleaning often, but you can also expect a wide variety of other strength building elements included.

Our primary gymnastics skill this cycle is the elusive muscle-up. I personally have put this progression to the test, and I can tell you it works! We are going to be breaking down the skills that it takes to achieve a muscle up and working on building foundational elements. For those of you who still feel very far away from the muscle-up, no worries. The skills we are working on will help you work toward your first pullups and first pushups as well.

In addition, Coach Ryan is going to be holding TWO EXTRA SPECIAL CLASSES. Thursdays at 6:30 for the duration of this cycle will be “beginner olympic lifting”. This class will offer you an additional opportunity to work on your olympic lifting, without the pressure of a metcon or a very strict time limit holding you back. This will work like a mini-oly clinic each week, focusing on the basic skills you need to feel competent in each lift. Perfect for newbies, or people just looking to spend extra time on technique. Now that the open is over, Fridays at 6:30 will be known as “fun times with Ryan”. The focus will be random skills testing, benchmark workouts, and a variety of other fun concoctions that Ryan has up his sleeve. For those of you who attended his Open Prep Class, you know just how liberally Ryan uses the word “fun”.

Outside of that, there are a few things you can expect during this cycle. The first is that we will be squatting heavy 2-3 days per week for the next seven weeks, primarily on MWSa. We will also be breaking down the snatch and clean + jerk into technique practice twice per week. You can still expect to see some longer metcons thrown in, as well as some running; welcome back spring! Fridays we are bringing back body builder Friday! Super excited. Lots of focus on accessory exercises as well as a light and frisky metcon for you. Saturdays in general will be a great opportunity to go heavy, and get lots of reps in for the olympic lifts.

Recommendations for attendance:
New athletes (0-3 months): MW schedule, and another CF or mobility class of your choice
New-ish athletes (3-6 months): MWSa schedule, and another CF or mobility class of your choice
Intermediate athletes (6 months – 1 year): MTWSa schedule with 2 mobility classes
Intermediate + (1+ years): MTWFSa schedule with 2-3 mobility classes

Something to Remember:
The Snatch and Clean + Jerk tend to push all of us to the limits of our mobility. Many of you struggle with getting into the overhead squat position, or maintaining a good position in the front squat. Some of you struggle with squats in general. Here is the beautiful thing about olympic lifting: you can have great technique, safe form and lift heavy weight without getting to the bottom of your squat. It’s true. We prefer you get down there because it will expand what you are capable of, but it’s not a requirement to be strong and safe in these movements. Do not fret. We will help.

Also, consider this a strong plug to attend lots and lots of mobility classes, so that your overhead position, the health of your joints and the longevity of your body can grow and improve.

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