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We’re going to be offering a wonderful Acro Yoga seminar on Saturday April 2nd at 11:00 for a 90 minute seminar taught by the uber talented  Jude Ortiz!! It will take place in the Solcana CrossFit space! Take a look at his experienced bio here!

Take a look at the description below to see if this is for you!

AcroYoga combines elements of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. Using these practices, you will cultivate grounding, balance, strength and surrender to achieve flight! As with yoga, the practice can be gentle and restorative, athletic and invigorating, and all points in between.

This workshop will cover the fundamentals of AcroYoga, including basing (being the person on the bottom), flying (being the person on top), and spotting (being the person keeping the other two safe). We’ll learn safe ways of coming in to and out of balancing poses…balancing on each other, of course! In addition to exploring static balancing poses, we’ll bring some flow in by connecting the poses with smooth, intelligent transitions.

No previous acroyoga or yoga experience is needed, just the willingness to have some fun balancing on other people and going upside down! The workshop will focus on safety, so expect to be working in groups. By the end, you will have learned some basic poses and jude22transitions to help you begin to explore this beautiful practice!

In order for you to sign up for this workshop, we need two things from you.  We need you to fill out the form below, and we need you to follow the link in bold orange below to pay to complete your reservation.

We have 24 individual spots open for this seminar, or 12 spots for couples. The price is $30 per couple or $20 per individual, which you can pay for upfront right HERE.  Please click on Solcana CrossFit, then Acro Yoga 101 to pick choose which price works for you!

Please fill out the form below so we can reserve your spot!  This seminar will bring you back that sense of restoration and fun you’ve been looking for, don’t hesitate, choose fun with a friend!

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