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Last week I had an out of town visitor that put some wrenches into my typical weekly workout schedule.

I felt the effects immensely.

My days are spent at an intense day job where I manage a team of salespeople responsible for generating and meeting a budget of more than $5,000,000. I juggle meetings that should offer medals for suriving them, employee disputes, conversion of a new CRM database, my own sales accounts, budgets, forecasts, multiple daily deadlines, lots of travel, and new ways to help my team prospect.

It’s a lot. I’m not complaining. When I accepted this job in May, I knew I was in for a big challenge, and overall, I’m grateful for it. It’s because of everything that I’ve achieved with CrossFit and powerlifting that I even could consider accepting an opportunity like this. But, in order for me to successfully wade my way through all of the expectations at my day job,  I have to workout. I HAVE TO WORK OUT. I just have to.

I might kill someone if I don’t. And, you know, I don’t want to spend my life incarcerated because I didn’t hit the gym. There are much more fun ways than that.


Last week, since I had a visitor, I didn’t hit all of my gym days and I found myself crabby and irritable and sleepless eating foods out of my normal diet which also lead to increased alcohol consumption and – newsflash – I GOT A MIGRAINE! I felt out of control at work. My brain was foggy. Basically, I was feeling everything that contributes to a downward spiral and all because I fell off of my self care routines.

I forgot for a brief time that I’m doing this for me. Ive invested time in myself and in the gym because I WANT TO. I NEED TO. I LIKE THE WAY I FEEL WHEN I DO IT. It lifts my mood and clears my brain and allows me to take hiccups in stride. It helps me juggle a stressful career in sales and comedy and god damn the results are a bonus. Is this the part of the blog where I can tell you that I back squatted my 200lb friend at a party last weekend? Because, well, I did. PARTY TRICKS! But joking aside, as you already know, in addition to increasing the ability to focus, think clearly, and learn more effectively, regular exercise improves mood, relieves anxiety and depression, enhances energy, and promotes self-efficacy.

When you feel great and believe in yourself, your mindset at work is bound to be optimistic, and that bodes well for job performance — and career growth. When you stay physically active, you’re taking care of your body and your brain — reducing health risks and increasing your capacity for learning, motivation, and sharp thinking.

I need to stay on top of my game, and I need to do this FOR ME.

Last week Wednesday, my visitor sent an unassuming text asking me if I was “going to go to the gym after work?” Normally, YES. Wednesdays are part of my usual workout routine. But you guys! I didn’t go. And then later, when we talked about it, he told me he would have been pissed if I would have went to the gym, considering he was visiting. Look, that’s some serious BS. That’s the last time I’m letting someone else dictate my workout schedule because it really only affects me. A workout takes and hour yet the residuals last a lifetime. Is there anyone on this earth more valuable TO you THAN you?

There isn’t.

It’s ONLY Tuesday and I’m already feeling foggy brain symptoms. First stop after work today is the gym. I can’t wait to shed this foggy brain and foul mood.

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