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Meditation for Everyone

By Emma V. 

Phra_Ajan_Jerapunyo-Abbot_of_Watkungtaphao.As some of you may have already heard, Solcana is going to start hosting weekly guided meditations by yours truly! Huzzah! Sunday mornings at 10am will be your chance to explore the world of meditation. Whether you’re a seasoned zen master or someone who has zero experience, you are all welcome. I will be guiding you through 20 minutes of meditation to start and then you are welcome to hang out for the remainder of the hour if you’d like as the space is available from 10:00am to 11:00am.

For those of you feeling like meditation is intimidating or out of your reach for any reason whatsoever, I highly encourage you to give it a shot. Often people describe their meditation habits as a practice and that is for very good reason. It is something we must commit to and develop as a skill, much like anything else we do in our lives.

Think of the first time you attempted a pull-up. Maybe you’re someone who was able to get up over that bar no problem, and awesome job! For those of you like me, you just hung there like a sack of boulders and there was no way you were even budging! I’m hoping that that didn’t stop you from practicing your pull-up skills, taking cues from the coaches and committing to making progress slowly but surely. Side note/super important: After many months of dedicated practice, I’m happy to say that I’m SO CLOSE to getting my first pull-up guys! High FIVE!

Meditation practice is similar to that. I remember the first time I sat down to meditate. It was a guided meditation and two seconds into it I was off thinking about something else and convinced myself that meditation was not for me. Thoughts coming from every which direction about what was on my to-do list and what I was going to make for dinner and about the song I had heard on the radio earlier that day and so on and on. This is so common and honestly, never really disappears completely. The practice is to notice those thoughts and gently bring your attention back to the meditation. This is what contributes to improving your skills in awareness, mindfulness and ability to focus, just to name a few of the many benefits. Thankfully I committed to giving it another shot and after a few years of practice, I feel like I’ve made some great progress and have reaped many benefits. I’ve become very passionate about spreading this within my community and would love the opportunity to share it with you!

There’s something extra juicy about meditating in a group as well so I hope that you can join me and our friends at Solcana on Sunday, December 6 for the first of many meditation moments together! Sign up on WODify to reserve your spot.

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