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After spending a straight 3+ hours at the gym last night ON A MONDAY after a full 8 hour day of work at the office, I actually said this out loud: “When you enjoy what you’re doing it doesn’t feel like work.”


I got home from work at 4:45. I busted through the door, threw a pan on a burner so I could rush to make something to eat – I mean, geez, I was famished. I was so busy at work I forgot to eat lunch (DO NOT RECOMMEND) and was feeling very HANGRY. I had to eat, I had to be at the gym to workout at 5:30pm, coach the 6:30 class, and do yoga at 7:30. I needed energy and I knew that the evening would be long. Enjoyable. But, long. OH AND DID I MENTION I ALSO HAD TO TAKE MY DOG FOR A WALK?! SO MANY THINGS TO DO SO RUSHED OMG.

But you know what? I loved spending that time at the gym with my people. It never feels like work because I always feel so wonderful afterwards. I crave those endorphins! It’s my happy place and I look forward to spending as much time at Solcana as I can. It helps me get rid of the stress of the workday and sleep soundly at night. It might sound gross, but I am smiling just thinking about going to the gym tonight.

Yesterday afternoon, I also announced that I’m hosting a Free Beginner CrossFit Workout class at Solcana next week Thursday, October 29 at 6;30pm. Ironically, or not, I had a conversation with an acquaintance about trying CrossFit despite his crazy schedule not allowing him to join us for next week’s class:

Him: I’ve been thinking about crossfit or some other “exotic” non LA Fitness thing, I just have grad school the night of your class

Me: oh yay! I have an idea! Let’s get you in for a few 1:1 training sessions with me just to get you to have some skin in the game and feel comfortable, then you can come try out a class! AND THEN YOU JOIN US!


Me: I know. I totally know. I was too.

Him: I figured you would.

Me: It’s so good. The people are so good. It’s so fun to be there.

Him: I have a full-time job, a part time job, I’m a full time grad student, I have a baby and [insert excuses ad infinitum]

Me: Yep, totally. I have a full time job, a part time job, another part time job, and a dog. You can do it.

Him: Ok but I have a legitimate concern about CrossFit. So my back is geniunely f-ed up. like, herniated discs f-ed up. And I’m scared of CrossFit beacuse it doesn’t look too back friendly.

Me: ok. We can work with that! There are so many things we can do to help get you strong and we will never hurt you – everything we do at Solcana can be scaled so that you’re capable and comfortable. Coach Hannah is a whiz at this stuff and she teaches all of us well.

This is what CrossFit has done for me!
This is what CrossFit has done for me!

And so we have a starting date of Saturday, October 31! Just like that. Because, here’s the thing, you guys. You have to carve out time to take care of YOU. When you do that, you can do all of the other things that much more effectively. Exercise has become such a mainstay in my life that it IS NOT something I will give up. It’s scary to change up your routine or start something new – especially something you might be rather unfamililar with. I totally get that! I’m living proof, peeps. I feel you 100%. Honestly, though…when is the last time you truly did something lovely for yourself? Something that will make your mind AND body feel good? Self love and self care are wonderful things, and fitness and heath are big pieces of that. Fitness and health don’t mean working out so hard that you can’t breathe and feel like dying. Who wants to do that? Let’s have fun with it. I mean, fitness is fun AND beneficial when you:

FEEL COMFORTABLE! Believe it or not, CrossFit is for everyone – that is a fundamental value of the program. No matter where you are in your fitness journey there is something for you. I mean, go back and look at Week 1 and Week 2 of my own jouney from June 2014 – proof is right there. Solcana CrossFit is a safe space for any and all people. No judgement. None. Zero. Zip. I know exactly all of the things you think and feel and experience when you’re first starting with something like CrossFit. I lived it. AND I SURVIVED! 🙂

HAVE FUN! My Solcana family has become much of my social life. I love these people. We laugh togther. A lot. Yeah, sure, we sweat a lot, too. But, holy wow do we lauuuuggggghhhhhh. It’s a joy and a pleasure to be at Solcana and I look forward to catching up with my gym friends (real life friends) every day. You know how you spend 8 hours a day with co-workers that you may or may not like? ITS NOT LIKE THAT AT SOLCANA. These peeps are tops and you actually go to just hang with them.

CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Not sure what to do when you get to the gym? Or do you pay a gym membership every month but rarely put it to use? Are you tired of spending 45 minutes on the elliptical and/or the treadmill only to see no results? (Which, let’s admit it…not seeing results is a terrible motivator!) CrossFit can easily jumpstart your fitness by incorporating strength training AND cardio into your life. Before joining Solcana, I had NO IDEA what to do in the weight room and avoided it at all costs. Not anymore! Let us show you what kind of bad ass things your capable of – and then watch that carry over to all aspects of your life!

JOIN OUR WONDERFUL COMMUNITY! One of the best things about a gym like Solcana CrossFit is the community aspect. With just around 150 members, we are all in this together. We keep classes small – capped at 12 people – to maximize the coach:athlete ratio. You get to know the people you workout with. You experience challenges together! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (I have, many times!) and you’ll love all of it. These people see you on hard days and they see you on great days and no matter what, they’re here for you inside and outside the gym.

So, are you with me? What do you have to lose? You’ve got the power to change. Let us help you find the strength to do it.

See you on Thursday, October 29th at 6:30 pm – you can register HERE.

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