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In my life, I’ve taken 3 yoga classes.


Two of those have been in the last week and, friends, let me tell you something: I’m hooked. Yoga classes at Solcana have reminded me that I can take an hour and just…exist. Calm down. Stretch. Be present. Be quiet. Be open.

In a world of go go going this couldn’t come at a more perfect time. My day job has ramped up immensely and I often walk into the gym after a day at the office READY TO POUND IT OUT AND SWEAT AND YELL AND BE FIERCE. And that’s good. It helps me rid the stress of the day and have more clarity. However, following that INTENSITY of Solcana CrossFit with the CALMNESS of a Solcana Yoga Class (may I recommend Yoga For Mobility?!) brings me to such a warm, fuzzy, calm, wonderful place. A self-caring place. I am what I consider an extroverted introvert. I gather energy from both being with people and being alone, and I just can’t have one without the other. Joining yoga has helped me step back a little and be more present in my fitness as well as in my brain, and being a part of the Solcana CrossFit community has helped me to think about how to incorporate self care into all aspects of life. As we know, self care is very important, and it can mean more than just eating, sleeping, and having adequate cover over your own head. Self care is any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated.

treat yo selfHere’s some things I’ve come to learn and incorporate into my life. Maybe you’ll find them helpful, too:

  1. Sometimes you have to accept things as they are. Things you can’t change. Things you can’t help but feeling. Give yourself a break. Stop trying to wade upstream at high tide. Wait it out. Take a breather and go where the current takes you. You can’t control everything so sometimes you have to trust that the current of life will take you where you need to be.
  2. Be Still. We live in such a rushed, over-stimulated, over-connected, constantly-bombarding society. Find somewhere beautiful – a park, the woods, your kitchen – and just sit there, still. Absorb the sound of the wind through the trees, the light and the shadows, the peace, and just appreciate the stillness. I can’t tell you the last time I turned on a television. In my house, it’s either music or silence and I’ve found that more often than not, I enjoy driving in my car without the radio on. It’s sometimes the only part of my day where I get to just be still (while paying attention to the road, of course). Take what you need, when you need it.
  3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others. Comparing yourself to others with envy robs you of appreciation for the sacred place your life is in at any given moment. We’ve all got a unique path and we can’t ever know what other people’s journeys have been. Everyone struggles and makes mistakes – this if fact. If you’re feeling jealous, use that to your benefit as it might be a window into what you want to achieve. Let it lead you to take actions that advance your goals.
  4. Create Joyful Rituals. Create simple easy to do rituals that ground your day and things tend to settle nicely. I make my bed and open up the blinds to let the daylight in right when I get up. My dog and I go for a simple quiet walk every morning before I head to work and his excitement and pure joy for simplicities is a great perspective to start the day with.
  5. Take Actions that Scare You. Yes, sometimes you have to accept things as they are, (see #1) but sometimes you have to try to do something you’ve dreamed of. For all you know, if could change your life. You could get that job you’ve always wanted. You can run 2 miles straight. You can lift that weight you never thought you could. You can feel graceful in a yoga class.The only way to achieve things you want is to take bold actions. If something scares you deeply, it means you want it deeply, so go for it. DID YOU GUYS KNOW I HAVE TAKEN TWO YOGA CLASSES IN TWO WEEKS?
  6. Cherish Your Friends. Surround yourself with true friends. Friends who celebrate your joys and help you shake off your woes. Friends who talk straight to you because they’ve truly got your best interest at heart. Friends who are there for you in the same regard you are there for them.
  7. Know Your Strengths. Celebrate them. List them out! In life, work towards your strengths. In the gym, do this and ALSO work toward your weaknesses, too (see number 5: Take Chances That Scare YOU). Just maybe don’t stay in a day job that has you locked up doing data entry in a windowless office if sales is your strength! KNOW THYSELF and what you need!
  8. Eat as Many Greens as Possible. Greens, greens and more greens. Fruit too. The more you eat them, the more your tastebuds change and you realize just how delicious food from the earth truly is. The lighter you feel, the better your skin looks, the more energy you have.
  9. Exercise Regularly. Regular exercise can transform your life – I am proof of this. I make my schedule around time at the gym and if someone can’t be cool with that it’s not my problem. Exercise helps my body, yes. I really love it for the positive effects on my brain. I walk in cloudy, I leave crystal clear. Nothing better than that, my friends. ALSO!! Endorphins. Sorry for all of the “I LOVE YOU, I LOVE LIFE” texts I’ve sent to you immediately post gym. Endorphins!
  10. Stay Away from Negative People. What more needs to be said? People can be mean and nasty, so just don’t hang out with those people. You can choose who you keep in your life, choose wisely. Your mental health with thank you.
  11. Don’t Be a Negative Person. Don’t get drawn into negativity. It brings down your vibration. Negativity is a sign of insecurity and unhappiness. You have control of who you are and who you want to be. Be nice to people, to everyone.
  12. Breathe Deep. Deep luscious breaths from way down in your diaphragm. Take a yoga class. You’ll thank me.

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