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MinnesotaStateFair2014It’s time, once again, for the Great Minnesota Get Together and I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

If you’re going to go to the Minnesota State Fair, go with your gym pals. And go immediately following a tough workout that involves 3 rounds of the following:

3 rounds with 5 min rest between each:
Run 400m
10 ring rows
20 elevated pushups
30 squats
100 single unders

I say this because then you can feel not so terrible about going and eating ALL OF THE THINGS! First of all, gym pals love to eat as much as you do. And they work hard for it, too. Not just anyone will sit on a park bench with you outside of the Culligan booth and simultaneously eat cheese curds while looking up the next day’s workout. WE EVEN ATTEMPTED TO FIND THE MARINE CORPS BOOTH so we could dominate the pull-up challenge, you guys. Note: we got side-tracked by the Midway but the effort was real.

This is dedication, people.

A bunch of n00bs about to experience Ye Old Mill
A bunch of n00bs about to experience Ye Old Mill

Fast forward to this morning when I woke up this morning and found myself feeling particularly guilty about the food choices I made last night, so I decided to take a mental inventory:

  • ice cream cone from the Dairy Barn
  • frozen apple cider from the Agriculture Building
  • bites of cheese curds from the Food Building
  • sips of Beergarita
  • water from the Culligan booth
  • bite of a corn dog
  • and to close it all out, fried pickles
mmm. cheese curds.
mmm. cheese curds.

After writing this all down and looking at it – I think I navigated the State Fair just fine. I really don’t have any reason to feel bad or regret about what I ate because IT APPEARS TO BE TOTALLY NORMAL in both quantity and quality. I mean, I would have loved to also include french fries, pretzels, beer, bacon, and let’s face it – EVERYTHING ON A STICK, But, I didn’t. I didn’t deprive myself, I just didn’t feel the need to indulge myself as much as I have in years past.

I’d call that a positive change. But I’ll never, ever give up accompanying anyone and everyone on their very first time on Ye Old Mill (omg everyone go to the fair and ride this RIGHT NOW!).

Happy fair-ing!



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