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As we continue to rebuild after the last wild year and a half, our schedule continues to grow! We are adding more classes to our schedule starting this week, Oct 18th, 2021.

Noon classes MWF in-gym with coach Garrett Ferderber

6:30 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

Trans Strength is back!!! Saturdays 9 am with coach Garrett Hoffman. Trans strength is a class only for folks who identify as Trans, who want to hang out and do strong-person stuff in a Trans-only space. This class will do all sorts of strength training, and just like our other classes, everything can be modified to fit your body and needs.

Powerlifting will now be coached by coach Max! Moving forward you can expect that class will start promptly at 11, with intros and a group warm-up. Structured programming will be provided and you can follow along with a weekly progression. You are still invited to work on your own programming or skills, but there will be more structure provided for you as well.

Olympic Weightlifting is also starting a new cycle this week. If you’ve ever been interested in being part of a strength class or team, the oly and power teams are designed around that type of environment. Coach KK will provide you with programming and a group warm up, as well as technique work and progressive training.

Fit From Home is now no longer live at 5 pm, but we have tons of workouts available on our Fit From Home Portal, and we still over live classes at 6 and 7 am MWF, and 12 pm on MW.

Outdoor on Sundays at the park will continue until Nov 30th. 7:15 am MF outdoor classes will end at the end of October.



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