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Event 3 of the Solcana Invitational is done and WOW my pecs are sore.

The bench press is something we’ve been working on for a long time. We wanted a pressing variation in the events, but with all the overhead stuff going on in the Turkish Get Ups, a regular should press seemed redundant. Enter: The Bench Press. Beloved by some. Begrudgingly enjoyed by others. Lots of PRs again this week! In some instances that may be because you’ve never tried a 3RM, which is great! The multi-rep max can be just as important (or some may argue even more important) than a 1 rep max. Great work out there!

For this one we scored using the Wilks coefficient to put everyone on a level playing field. Individual results were as follows:

Name Weighted Lifted Wilks Score
Jerik Hendrickson 245 67.10
Nathan Aul 185 62.68
KK 155 58.99
Erik Nielson 225 56.86
Halimah Alossaimi 107 56.55
Garrett Hoffman 171 52.29
Mike Grewe 185 51.60
Nicole Conti 135 51.38
Max Poessnecker 175 51.14

We’ve included the top 10 here because staff scores don’t count for the overall competition. Congrats to Erik Nielson swipin’ up first place with that BIG ol’ bench.

The team results for this event:

P.V.C.O.M.G. 1
Nicole / Erik 2
Nate  /Bradley 3
Jonathan / Halimah 4
M&Ms 5

Four minutes is a long time. Push ups are hard. Let’s PUT THOSE TWO IDEAS TOGETHER!!! Fortunately, time flies when you’re having fun. Everyone ROCKED this challenge.

For scoring, we used a modifier to give a tiny percentage more to standard reps vs. reps done from the knees. The top 5 individual outcomes are as follows:

Name Reps
Garrett Ferderber 86
Lara Friedman-Shedlov 67
Ewan Scotto 66
Tony Hunt 65
Brandon Stein 61

Great job Coach Garrett, but you can’t have the glory. Congrats to Lara Friedman-Shedlov for winning the event. That is SO MANY PUSHUPS, wow!

The team results for this event:

Virtually… Possible?? 1
Ewan / Megan 2
The Forrest Hunts 3
Labor and Deliverance 4
Moll ‘N Stein 5

Congrats to everyone! Week 3 was great!. Week 4 is comin’ at ya soon! See you Thursday (or Friday!)


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