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Indoor Event 2

For all in-person events, we will be testing during class on Thursday and Friday. You may attempt both days and submit your best score.

Event 2: 1 RM Turkish Get-up

The Turkish get up is considered complete when you’ve done a rep on both the right and left side, without a break in between. The TGU begins once the weight is extended above the body, and ends when you are back down on the floor with the weight overhead. 

You may use two hands to get the weight into the extended position to start, but you may not touch the weight again with your other hand once you start the rep. 

The TGU itself can be sloppy, but you have to start with a straight arm and have a straight arm position at the top, and then again at the end of the rep. 

You have 15 minutes to complete this event.  Once you go up in weight you cannot go back down.


Virtual Event 2

For all virtual events, we will be testing at the beginning of each class on Thursday and Friday online. You may attempt both days and submit your best score. 


Event 2: 3-minute Sit-up Test

For the 3-minute sit-up test you must begin each rep with shoulders on the floor, and end by sitting all the way up and touching your feet. 

You may use an abmat or a pillow for lumbar support. 

You get one attempt and your score is the number of reps completed in 3 minutes.

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