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As we continue to experience the changes that COVID brings, we at Solcana are working hard to make sure our members get what they need and that our membership offerings reflect the needs of the greater community. We are moving to a new pricing model, and I want share it with you in detail so you understand how it works. Current members will be able to continue to pay the same price and monthly pricing structure they are paying now.

Members who are currently on our digital membership fall under the “Virtual Fitness” category. Members who are currently on full memberships with us fall under the “Dual Delivery” category. Current members will be able to continue to pay the same price and monthly pricing structure they are paying now. New members will come in at these new weekly prices. Small Group is a higher level of service, with private classes, a cohort model, personalized nutrition and daily accountability. If you are interested in joining up with a small group, our next one kicks off June 1st. Personal Training is our highest level of service, and comes with 1-on-1 workouts each week, personalized programming, nutrition and daily accountability.

Our current members on the Dual Delivery plan will now be provided with an accountability coach! This is a new service we are adding to increase engagement and give our athletes more opportunities for resources and connection to a 1-on-1 coach. Your accountability coach has already emailed you to get started, so if you are a member and haven’t seen this yet, please email [email protected] and we will make sure you are connected to someone.

Currently Dual Delivery has a 2x per week in-person limit. That is for our outdoor barbell classes. As we are able to open again and offer more in-person services, we will increase the number of times dual delivery members can attend in person. As of right now it does not look possible for us to bring back the unlimited in-person class option. As things continue to evolve we may be able to do so, but for now we are able to offer unlimited virtual classes.

On WODify you will see a couple changes:

“Virtual” – schedule of virtual classes

“Outdoor” – schedule of outdoor barbell

“Fit From Home” – schedule of small group fitness classes starting June 1st

Members will be able to see each program but the system will not let you sign into anything unless your membership allows you access to that class. If you have any questions about which things you can access please email your accountability coach or [email protected] and we can help you with that!

Thank you for being there with us, sticking by us through all of the changes we are going through, and being excited to come back. We appreciate you so much!

Coach Hannah


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