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We are so excited to bring you some live digital content. This quarantine may have us at home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay well together. We will be offering live digital classes every day of the week, plus we will post the recorded class so you can watch at your convenience later in the day. Here are the details about how it will all work:

>> The WOD will still be posted on WODify each day under “At home workouts”. The schedule will also be posted there. We ask that you sign into the class that you plan to attend so you can record your scores.

>> Once you have selected your class for the day, follow the zoom link to show up live for the class:

>> Every class will have weighted and unweighted options. You can participate with no equipment at all!

>> Your family, SO’s, roommates and other folks you are isolated with are welcome to join along.

>> The coach will be thereĀ 10 minutes early so if you want to check in, ask any questions or just chat for a bit, we will be there.

>> You are not required to use the video feature, but if you do we can offer live feedback and form corrections.

>> The class will be posted afterward to the facebook group page, as well as on the Solcana youtube channel.

>>This is brand new to us and we will be learning as we go, so feedback is always appreciated and welcome.






CrossFit classes will happen each day. No equipment required. “Biceps & Bros” is a bodybuilding class with Garrett Hoffman. You need to have either a dumbbell, kettlebell, or some other weighted object like a gallon jug (open to everyone, not just bros).

Keep checking the schedule for more offerings from our coaches.

Thank you all so much. I got a TON of emails from all of you with kind words, and I appreciate it more than you know. I will chip away at those emails over the next couple of days, and answer any questions you have.

Hannah & The Solcana Team

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