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The Spring Challenge cycle has begun! I just wanted to give a quick rundown of what to expect.

Since the primary focus of this cycle is to improve upon our Spring Challenge scores, you can expect to see lots of stuff related to movements in that workout.

  1. We will be hitting toes to bar work HARD, including hopefully breaking any bad habits we’ve developed in the movement. Don’t be afraid to scale back. Maybe you can get your toes to the bar right now, but there is definitely a reason you can’t link several together. Let’s take the time to fix it.
  2. Double Unders. A big part of double unders is technique, but there is also the element of using that technique under duress. Let’s work on both!
  3. Cleans. We will be doing a lot of cleans. As a means of improving our clean strength we will be doing heavier back squats as well as paused and tempo front squats. Big ol’ tree trunk legs are in our future. On a separate day we will throw in the skill of barbell cycling. This will often be in the form of a power clean – allowing us to work on our clean technique with a little less fatigue than what we get from the full clean.

To fill out the week, we’ll be bench pressing. A fan favorite! As you may know on the weekends we have our free trial class/refer a friend opportunities. As a result, those days will be pretty classic Crossfit stuff. Scalable to a beginner, but still able to work a seasoned pro into a sweat.  Here’s a rundown of the whole week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Crossfit toes to bar, back squats toes to bar, squat cleans bench press (and/or longer metcon) toes to bar, double under work, barbell cycling Pause/Tempo Front Squats Longer metcon (EMOMs!)
Overhead and/or longer metcon and/or partner workout
Strength Snatch Day Strongperson! Core Deadlift variations (pause, block pull, sumo, etc) Trans/NB/GNC Strength with Coach KK


We’re going to get so strong! If you have any questions email them to [email protected]

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