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This class is not currently offered. Please check back at a later date to learn about the next available class.

Learn the basics of fitness during the prenatal period. Whether you are currently pregnant or want to become pregnant, this workshop is designed for you. We will learn about breath work, core control, pelvic floor health and how to prepare for the postpartum period. We will go over each trimester and how to best modify your workouts, plus we will do a workout together at the end with modifications for every stage of pregnancy. Includes an e-book with information on how to modify throughout as well as sample modified workouts.

Solcana Fitness is a Crossfit and Strength gym, but this workshop is intended for people of all fitness backgrounds and with all sorts of workout routines. Whether you are a runner, yogi, weightlifter or something else, we will talk about how to make your preferred style of fitness work for your pregnancy. We will also discuss the importance of strength training during pregnancy, as well as how to build and execute your own workouts.

Whether you have no previous fitness experience or you are a seasoned athlete, every person will benefit from this workshop!

Cost is $45, with an option for $25 available to folks from traditionally marginalized communities.


*Solcana Fitness is a gym, and Hannah Wydeven is a trainer. Nothing in this workshop should be considered medical advice, and you should only workout at the advice of your health care professional.*

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