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In January we are hosting a Macro Challenge at Solcana!

The macro challenge is an opportunity to learn about tracking carbohydrates, fats and proteins as a method of nutrition management. Tracing your personalized macronutrient numbers can you help you reach any nutrition goal, such as gain muscle, lose fat, balance hormones, increase energy or even manage illness and chronic fatigue.

Here are the nuts and bolts of what you can expect from our 5-week macro Challenge:

  • Runs January 6th – Feb 14th
  • Open to members and non-members
  • When you register, you submit a health questionnaire and receive a personalized set of macros based on your unique health needs
  • Each week you will get email and video content from Registered Dietician Emily Field
  • Interact with other participants in a private facebook group
  • Receive in-person support from coach Hannah and coach Kristina at the gym
  • Weekly “office hours” with coaches to help you troubleshoot
  • Recipe swaps and other social opportunities with challenge participants


The cost is $170, but register by Dec 20th and pay a discounted price of $145 with the code PETEY.


You can expect all of the things you already love about Solcana:

>>  No diet culture
>>  Shame-free nutrition education
>>  Accountability and support
>>  Body positive
>>  Zero emphasis on the number the scale

This challenge is about giving you the tools to help you make decisions about your nutrition that are personalized to your needs. Join us on this adventure and see what you are capable of through our 5-week challenge.

Sign-up today and enter code PETEY to get your discounted rate

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