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20.1 was an absolute lung-burning, leg trashing, burpee-heavy workout. It was so inspiring to watch everyone tackle this one head on. I saw some folks really challenge themselves to go a little faster, do a few more reps, and it was a beautiful thing. Let’s check out the results:

Kira was the only person to finish this workout! Her burpees are wicked fast, and even with that kind of speed she was still just 8 seconds shy of the cap, so you know it took some serious push at the end to finish. Congrats Kira!! Look at Ruben in second place with 149 dang reps at Platinum, that is insane!! Congrats to everyone who made the top 20, you rocked it and were so fun to watch.

Snatch Pistols (Jade, Mike, Kira, Brogan) came in first as a team, with three of their team members finishing in the top 10 scores this workout. Also thrilled to see team GayWODs and Homo-pec-uals with the best names of the year.

Shout-outs this week:

  • Amelia did her first ever platinum workout in an Open. Congrats Amelia!!!!!!
  • Pat and Maggie stayed around a while after to score for other folks during FNL, and we always appreciate that extra effort.
  • Geo, Fili and Mike all did this workout twice. Geo did it twice in the same day with maybe an hour apart, and did better the second time, which is incredible.
  • Kristina adds “Shannon got a glute cramp, I think within the first round and stopped for a while to stretch it out but then got back into it and kept going trying not to engage glutes for the remainder of the workout. So basically Shannon did a bunch of cleans with strict presses… I’m so inspired!!”
  • Collette says “My partner Molly had a phenomenal attitude and such spirit during the workout. Was clear she was having a great time. She worked hard and had a smile on her face the whole time.”
  • Sara and Kira both did the marathon this past weekend, and still made the top 20 for the open workout. Way to go you rockstars!
  • Hannah says “It was inspiring to see Katie and Erin go head to head and just obliterate the workout. I was trying to keep up with them and it was impossible after the first round. So fast and smooth!”
  • Amelia says “Sasha wore :doughnut: socks to participate in the spirit theme, and also worked so hard!”
  • Marijke adds “General shout out to Team Bad Backs who are not competing, but still did the workout (Matt D, Matt E, and Rica)
  • Also Jade had an amazing costume with a giant hulk hand to hold her water bottle.

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