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Great job on the second workout everyone! This one was sooooooo loooooooong. 20 minutes felt epic, and not in a good way. There was also a vastly different number of reps between Silver and Gold/Platinum, so I would say we had a variety of experiences in this one!

Check out those incredible scores! It’s also fun to see some names on the top 20 that were not there last week. Congrats Garrett for coming in first place! I got to see him workout and it was so well paced ad executed. I think this year may be a battle between Pat S., Garrett F., Nate, Teresa, Ruben and Kira for the top 3 spots.

In the teams overall, Friends with Benefitness (Hannah, Garrett F, Heather and Maggie) came in first place, with three people in the top 20. Snatch Pistols is still in the lead overall with Jerik is my Homeboy hot on their tail.

Shout-outs from this week:

  • Hannah says: “Shout-out to Hallie, Maggie, Lindsay and Shannon for entertaining Ezra while I worked out for 20 minutes! Also to Jade who didn’t think she performed that well but actually frickin’ crushed it in the gold category.
  • Garrett says: “Emily H did silver with 25# weights because she does not have consistent DUs, but really wanted to challenge herself while also putting up a good score for her team.”
  • Props to Kaitlin, Emily and everyone else who used a heavier weight than prescribed to give themselves a bigger challenge. Workouts like this are so hard because you have to be able to do 3 vastly different skills. It’s cool to see people modify some things but increase the challenge on others.
  • Amelia adds: “It was a loooooong work out; shoutout to Scotto, Jonathan, Jess and Jeffrey for staying to the very end of FNL and cheering on the last heat.”
  • Kristina says: “Rica killed it on Saturday. Her double unders were on point!!”
  • And Rica says: “Garrett F and Daphne! Both did an amazing job!”
  • Ryan says: “Daphne did it twice and her Silver effort on Friday afternoon was a solo sesh! Very impressive! Teresa gave an attempt at gold on Friday night until she couldn’t get through it anymore and then scaled to silver and then redid it on Sunday. Anyone giving this thing two efforts is impressive in my book.”

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