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Aaron is so kind to everyone in the gym. He calmly comes in, cracks a few jokes, calmly kicks ass through the whole class, and calmly goes off to SAVE LIVES! – Coach Jeff

Aaron will often talk about how fit and able other people are while being one of the most able athletes himself.  Aaron will absolutely crush workouts and then commiserate with everyone that went through it too regardless of how they did it.  Aaron will take time to talk about almost anything even though he has a lot going on. He has a competitive spirit and pushes hard, but does so in a way that seems celebratory and fun.  When it comes to humbly gaining strength with longevity, Aaron is one of my idols! – Coach Garrett

I have known Aaron as an athlete for roughly 8 years, and before we even met, his wife Abby was my very first boss after college. His family is so sweet and special, and all of them take care of each other and other people in a really incredible way. Aaron is an Internist at HCMC and is an actual day to day superhero. On top of that he has incredible patience for other people, is overflowing with kindness and always checks in with people. I feel lucky to call him a friend! On top of his top quality personness, he is also a gifted frickin athlete. He was a gymnast in his former life and you can see it when he pops up onto the bar or does a handstand. When he has to do other things that might not come as naturally to him, he never shies away or makes excuses, but does the best he can with the tools he’s got. Working out next to him is an absolute pleasure. We have chased one another over the years in our workouts and I am always trying to keep up with him. He also does cool sport stuff outside the gym like cross country skiing. Aaron is totally #goals for how to have a sustainable fitness lifestyle! – Coach Hannah

Aaron Rutzick is a powerhouse! He’s so focused and fun to work out next to. People still mention his Murph performance with hushed awe. – Coach Amelia

Aaron is a dream to coach and to work out with because he approaches everything with just the right mix of take-it-seriousness, humor, and humility. He is patient and generous with people, has good energy, and is a great listener! Aaron is also a fellow year-round cyclist who shows up at the gym in goggles and snow pants, which always boosts my sails on the dark days of winter! – Coach Morgen


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