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Congratulations to our September Athletes of the Month, Rachel Peterson and Bruno Lima!

Rachel Peterson is a superstar of the 5:30am class. She has worked quietly and consistently to build her strength and skills with very impressive results. When she first came to the gym, she had one of those kinda scary squats(!), but she has trusted the process, taken it one class at a time, respecting the pace of her own progress. Now she has a squat to be proud of! Coach Kaitlin put it this way: “Rachel doesn’t expect perfection right away; she has put in small steps toward a more effective way of moving. She loves to learn how to move based on what her body needs.” Rachel has gotten so strong and moves so well, and we can see that she is on her way to doing kipping pull ups soon! She has also taken up going on super long walks. She recently walked from St. Paul to Stillwater. She also walked around Nokomis, Harriet, Bde Maka Ska, and Isles on a whim, which is so cool! Rachel, we love you and we are so glad you are part of the family.


Bruno Lima has been recognized as Athlete of the Month for his can-do attitude and his friendly presence in the gym. He shows up, puts his shoes on and is all-in. He wants to learn and he balances his learning with practice. Bruno is open to feedback, but he also doesn’t give up if he doesn’t understand and he takes things a step at a time. He is so consistent, kind, and quietly very funny. Coach Kaitlin says “I’ve had so many good conversations with Bruno and he’s always open to feedback and actively seeks me out when he wants tips on form. He’s got so many triathlon shirts, and I want to know all of the stories behind them!” Bruno is a microbiologist at the University of Minnesota Dental School. Keep up the amazing work, Bruno! You are an inspiration to everyone around you.

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