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Welcome to July, it’s getting hotter and we have lots of summer fun planned for you, so get in here and enjoy the good company and the A/C! We are so excited to announce our July Athletes of the Month, and it’s been a long time coming for both of them: Pat McCann and Sasha Yunginger!


Pat and Mary!

Pat McCann is the best rower in the gym. He makes anything cardiovascular or long look easy but doesn’t shy always from the short, fast or heavy workouts. He is always working on things he could get better at and is always trying to make himself the most well rounded athlete that he can be. He is also a super nice person with an infectious smile. Pat is not only a damn fine athlete, but he is also an adorably committed dog-dad, and an incredibly supportive partner to his wife Mary. He is sensitive and thoughtful and has a lot of love for other people. He also has a cool story: he graduated from Brown University with a philosophy degree, and then went on to become a badass Master Carpenter! He basically tore the top half off his house and rebuilt it, and he enjoys woodworking and building furniture.




Sasha is awesome. She has struggled for a long time with her knees and ankles and has gone through every physical and emotional up and down with her body pains. She has overcome so much and transformed both the way she moves and her emotional connection to her body. She is now so supportive of herself and doesn’t come down on herself when things don’t go exactly her way or if she can’t do a movement the “perfect” way. She has become her own best cheerleader, and because of it she is a great support for other people as well. It’s really important to give your body grace and she does that in spades. She also has become an integral thread in our gym tapestry and we wouldn’t know what to do without her. Plus she made the cutest quilt for Ezra! Sasha is a teacher at Roosevelt High School and is an active advocate for her students and her peers in the district. She brings the fire to everything she does!


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