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Hey everyone! I wanted to take some time to break down what to expect in the next chunk of programming because it will be slightly different from what we typically do this time of year. 


When creating a block of programming, one of the top priorities should be what is called specificity. Specificity in an exercise sense just means that the elements included in your training block should be relevant to any goals you have in sight for the end of the program. If you want to run a 5k for the first time, there are a bunch of things you can do to help yourself, but ultimately you’re going to have to run a little bit. The further away from a goal you are, the more general (i.e. less specific) your training can be. As you get closer to whatever goal you have your sights on, you get more and more specific, almost like you’re zooming in a camera lens until your goal is the only thing in the frame. An experienced Olympic weightlifter might do tons of different exercises most of the time, but before a competition their primary focus is going to be the snatch and the clean & jerk. Those two lifts are the most specific thing they can do at that point.


So what are we zooming in on this cycle?

THE CROSSFIT OPEN! That’s right, the 2020 Crossfit Open is happening in October of 2019. 

If you’re not familiar with the Crossfit Open, it’s a 5 week period where a very fun, very challenging, VERY Crossfit-y workout is released each Thursday night. On Fridays during that period, the gym’s programming will be these workouts and we’ll have a gym-wide team-based friendly competition, including Friday Night Lights which is a big class where everyone can gather to cheer everyone else on. You can have any level of fitness experience to take part. The Open is all about having a good time. 

For July and August, we’ll be doing some more general strength building work. Strict pushing and pressing, strict gymnastics, big compound movements (squat/deadlift), and metcons of varied lengths.

In September and October, we’ll zoom in a little bit and start working on more Crossfit-Open-specific things: Dynamic gymnastics (muscle up variations, kipping pull ups/toes to bar/handstand push ups, etc), heavy lifting under duress, and Olympic lifts with all the fun variations (Hello, thrusters. Nice to see you.) During this phase strength will be in maintenance, gymnastics work will be sprinkled all over. Don’t forget you can hop into Gymnastics class Monday’s at 5pm in the Vulcana Room. 

Strength Class will follow a similar pattern of general to more specific while being complementary to the Crossfit programming. One unique day will be Thursday which will have a specific focus on creating a strong back and a strong core. 

Sunday will still include rowing class with Coach Marijke. Check it out by choosing “Endurance” in your drop down menu on Wodify.

Here is a rundown of Crossfit and Strength class for July and August

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Crossfit Deadlift Overhead Squat  Longer Metcons Pressing Back Squat Power Clean/Snatch Longer Metcon (interval centric)
Strength Bench Press Strongperson (carries,  sandbags, sleds, yoke, etc) Cleans Back/Core focus Misc Barbell Accessories N/A N/A

Looking forward to getting after it!

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