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What a fun week! 19.2 was a repeat of 16.2, and it was a great opportunity to see folks hit new heavy numbers on their clean. Plus, a handful of people actually finished the workout, which was really cool to see. This workout was particularly hard because it combined a high-rep gymnastics movement (toes to bar), a difficult skill (double-unders), and heavy weights (squat cleans). This week, the scores were based on the level you chose and how many reps you make it through. It helped a lot if you made it past minute 8! Not easy to do, but very fun to watch.

I included the top 25 scores this week, mostly because I felt guilty that my score capped off the 20 and we didn’t get to see Jenessa and Hallie’s fighting battles to the end of this damn workout, so I included those! Becky Kane absolutely blew this workout out of the damn water, and the craziest part is that she did it twice!! The first time at Friday Night Lights, Becky was frustrated that she didn’t past the 8 minute mark (though admittedly she “didn’t really want it bad enough”), so she came back to open gym on Sunday and not only made it past the 8 minute mark, she got 1 rep of the clean at 145#. SO COOL. The rest of our highest scorers were folks who made it nearly to the end of the 8 minutes at Platinum or Gold, or the people who finished the workout completely at Silver. Great job everyone!

In the team scores, we have Honey B.A.J.R. (Jade, Ryan, Amelia & Bradley) sitting on top for this weeks workout. Right behind them is MetCondiments (Becky, Marijke, Katie P, Nate M) and Team 14 (Liz B, Garrett H, Pat S, Erin M). Team 14, all I am saying is that if you plan on getting in the top 3, you better come up with a team name or I am going to have to come up with one for you. Shoutout to team CrossFit Realness (Margaret, Rica, Jenessa, Kira) who climbed the rankings this week, from 11th place in 19.1 to 5th place this week! Right now team MetCondiments is still in the lead for overall rankings, but it’s anyone’s game! The next three workouts could change everything, so just keep showing up and doing your best! Also, for some of the lower ranked teams, the only reason ya’ll are sitting at the bottom is because only 1-2 people on your team completed the workout, so encourage them to get in here and your score will rise!

Stats from 19.2

  • 67 out of 79 registered athletes completed 19.2 (85%)
  • 12 athletes completed this workout Platinum, 22 Gold, and 33 Silver (or some other modified version)
  • The average score for Platinum was 147 reps, Gold was 141 reps, Silver was 251 reps (with the finishers skewing the average a bit)
  • Four people completely finished the workout (Ariel, Jenessa, Hallie, Hannah W.)
  • 69% of athletes did not make it past the first 8 minutes
  • 9 people made it into minute 12:00, 6 people made it to min 16:00 and 2 people made it to minute 20:00 without quite finishing

Shout-outs from 19.2

“Shout-out to Annie Walsh who made it to round four and gutted out 3 amazing looking cleans at 105 after missing her first rep! She was so tough and so focused!” – Morgen

“Shout out to Mike P who PR’d his clean by 10 pounds, did several reps at his new PR, and did them prettier than I’ve seen him do them at any weight. Also to Nate A. who was pissed that his rope kept tangling up during his first go ‘round so he did another attempt immediately after class.” – Jeff

Annie Bigley PR’d her clean, super cool to watch. Also, Shannon Kerr showed up at 5:30 am to do this workout because she’s going out of town this weekend and didn’t want to let her team down. She also brought those noise stick thingys that allowed me to be even louder than I normally am as a coach.” – Kaitlin

Teresa couldn’t do the weights of gold but felt silly doing hanging knee raises when she knew she was more than capable on the T2B so just went for the best workout for her, marked her score as silver and stuck around to cheer on everyone else.

Jess Finney is always so kind with her time on FNL as well as Pat Staiger.

Pat McCann stuck with Platinum even though DUs can be tough for him. He went single-single-double and got through fifty making this the most DUs he’s ever done in a workout.”  – Ryan

Mary did Gold even though she really didn’t want to, because she knew she would struggle so hard with toes to bar. But she did it and looked great!! Jade also did gold and put in everything she had for her cleans at 95#, it’s so tough when you’re physically and mentally exhausted, but I was so proud of her for not giving up.

Also shout-out to my lifemate Josh Kaplan for doing the Gold weights but still sticking with toes to bar to challenge himself! I saw a lot of people mix and match to include harder skills but get a “lower” score and I thought was really cool.

Also, watching Erin W and Jenessa fight for those final reps of the clean with just seconds to spare was an absolute inspiration and got the whole gym energized!” – Hannah


Great job on 19.2 everyone, I can’t wait to see what 19.3 brings our way! Now that we have had the repeat, I am predicting a lot of pulling for this weeks workout – pull-ups, chest-to-bar, muscle-ups, and some medium weight, high-rep deadlifting! What do you think the workout will be?

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