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Another week down, and we over halfway done with the Open! I don’t know about all of you, but 19.3 was the hardest for me so far. Those weighted box step-ups were something else. I was so super impressed watching so many people try a really challenging variation of the pushup. Some people got their first few handstand push-ups, and for most people the hand-release push-up was a brand new and very challenging skill.

Congrats Becky Kane on another big win this week! With 34 handstand push-ups, Becky once again blew away the competition. You can really see from the scoring that it helped to get even a few handstand push-up, because each one was worth a lot! Big props to both Amelia and Morgen for doing the gold version and getting so many hand-release push-ups done. Amelia was even one of the few people to make it to the final portion of movements and squeezed out 6 wall-walks before the time was up. Incredible.

Team Honey B.A.J.R. (Jade, Ryan, Amelia & Bradley) won another workout this week, which moved them up to an overall first place tie with Metcondiments. Also, a killer week for Dr. Solcana’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family WOD Solution (Annie B, Nate A, Katie B. and Jo), who tied for first this week after only getting 10th last week. That’s a pretty amazing jump! Props to Team 14 for finally naming themselves We Run Better Than the Government. You can see the rankings for teams is pretty tight. A good week could move any team up by quite a few spots; except for Team 16 who refuses to give me a name and is therefore doomed to fail.


Stats from 19.3

  • 55 out of 69 registered athletes completed this workout (80%)
  • 20 people did Platinum, 29 did Gold and 20 did Silver or With Child
  • 90% of folks who did Gold made it to the push-ups, 60% of folks who did Platinum made it to handstand push-ups, and every person who did Silver completed at least 1 push-up.
  • The average number of push-ups/HSPU completed was 22


Shout-outs from this week:

Coach Ryan had a bunch from this week!!

Liz Babkin. Jess alerted me to the weight she was using and when I went to went to go switch it down, Josh told me she chose a weight 10# heavier than recommended. I always find that kind of effort so impressive.”

Mary Souder went UB on the box step ups. Anyone who went Continuously on the step ups was damn impressive in my book. Her HSPU efforts were valiant as well.”

“I appreciated Brogan’s efforts on the whole workout and especially the HR PU.”

“I didn’t get to see Sasha workout but her super sexual playlist was pretty funny.”

“Hannah, I wanna shout you out for going as hard as you did.  There are few times I’ve seen you work that hard in a workout. You never quit and you did it in your 3rd trimester. Definition of badass”

“I want to shout out all the peeps who tried strict HSPU, even though we offered the kipping option. The Open is so great because people always opt to do something harder than they have to and that is rad. Also to the folks who did a heavier DB than they had to just for the challenge!” – Hannah

“Kira and Rica doing it twice to get to HSPU or get more reps, respectively. Both got more reps the second time.” – Marijke


This workout was a punisher. What do you all think is on tap for next week? Some of the most common movements we haven’t seen yet are deadlifts, snatches, chest-to-bar pullups, muscle-ups, thrusters and burpees. My guess is that they will save the thrusters and muscle-ups for a horrific 19.5, and that in the meantime we will see what I predicted for last week, which is a short AMRAP of burpees and pull-ups, followed by a heavy snatch single. A girl can dream.

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