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The first CrossFit Open workout 19.1 is in the books! What an excellent way to start the season off, with a simple yet painful burner. A lot of you challenged yourselves to use a heavier ball than usual and a higher target than you are used to, and that was really incredible to see. I personally did the workout in a mostly empty gym in Florida and some random coach scored for me in 100% humidity. But the rest of you got to CRUSH IT in a very full gym. 73 out of 79 of you that signed up actually completed this workout, and those other 6 were all on vacation, so BOOM!

This year Matt, Marijke and Ryan are all working on the scoring spreadsheet. This one was pretty easy to score, the only weird thing is that the WC scores were adjusted to be listed as Gold, because they ended up being the same standards when we all actually did the workout. All that being said, here are the top 20 scores from the week!


I saw Becky’s score and was like “WOWIE WOW THAT IS A LOT”, and then Pat McCann e-mailed me from his trip to San Diego with a scorecard that read 8 rounds + 2 reps and my mind was blown. This workout was definitely in his wheelhouse, being a tall endurance athlete, but holy macaroni that’s a lot of reps. Sam Briggs got 9 rounds, so Pat was only 36 reps short of one of the best CrossFit athletes in the world!! So many congratulations to everyone else who made the top 20 list, it’s so cool to see the variety of bodies. I just assumed only tall athletes would crush it on this one, but there are a lot of folks on the “shorter” side of things who absolutely blew it out of the water.

Metcondiments (Marijke, Katie P, Becky and Nate M) and Squat Squad (Bobby, Mike G, Nick, Katie F and Colin) tied for first this week! Great job teams. Remember, even with 5 athletes on a team, we only use the top 3 scores per team, so even if your team is missing an athlete in a week, you could still win the workout. It’s really anyone’s game at this point, so keep up the energy for 19.2 and your team might come out on top!

What’s your favorite team name this year? Mine is a tie between Legs Miserables and Dr. Solcana’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family WOD Solution. Also, a universal eye-roll to “Team 14” and “Team 16”, COME ON BUDDIES, it’s not too late to send me a team name!!!

Stats from 19.1:

  • 40 people completed the workout Platinum, while 33 people did Gold
  • 73 out of 79 signed-up athletes completed the workout, plus a bunch of other folks who didn’t sign up but did it anyway!
  • The average score was 196 reps (5 rounds + 6 reps)

Shout-Outs from 19.1:

Brogan brought in Lacroix, cliff bars and cuties for FNL because he said it can be stressful and he wanted friendly treats for everyone.” – Coach Amelia

Hallie told me straight away she wasn’t going to do Platinum and insisted she could not be convinced to do so. I recommended just trying the heavier med ball for the “dress rehearsal” and she ended up sticking with it for the workout and did great” – Coach Jerik

“I wasn’t here to watch the workout but I was so pleased to see that so many WTF peeps chose to do Platinum on this workout! I know that a heavier ball and higher target is intense, so I was really happy to see so many folks jump right in and try it out.” – Coach Hannah

Shannon K. worked her butt off. Did her best to keep that fly wheel moving the whole time she was on the rower-every time.” – Coach Ryan

Jess Finney also did an awesome job. She heard the call to take the step up to a heavier ball and followed through with a great effort.” – Coach Ryan (not to mention, the next day she squatted a new PR of 300#!!!)


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