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Welcome to February! This month is short but winter is starting to feel long. This time of the year I’m grateful for the warmth and sweaty cameraderie inside of the gym, as well as bright sunshine when the temps are frigid. It’s also time to announce our February Athletes of the Month, Katie Paro and Brad Evans! Coach Hannah nominated both of these athletes and wrote the following odes to their awesomeness:

Katie Paro works SO HARD and is one of the most consistent athletes we have. She comes to strength class every week on Tuesday to put in work on her snatch and she has been making so much progress it’s crazy. She is also so genuine, remembers things about other people and goes out of her way to make you feel good. She is super smart and cool and is currently working, in school, and still making it to the gym like 4x per week. Katie has these sparkly eyes that just look right into your soul, and if I ever need a shoulder to cry on, someone to let me vent, or someone to share good news with, I always go to Katie. When she walks into the gym, everyone is happy to see her and she to see them. I love this person!






Brad Evans is not to be underestimated. Brad will be the first to admit the coordination is not his strong suit, but sine joining us he has grown to be quite the talented athlete! Gymnastics movements aren’t easy for anyone, but Brad has taken something that was a weakness and turned it into a strength. I have seen him do multiple ring muscle-ups, and he is really getting the hang of kipping pullups and handstand pushups. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got many “firsts” during the open this year. Besides being an awesome gymnast, Brad is one of the best gym partners you could ask for. He is frequently my lifting partner, and is a great cheerleader. He is thoughtful, humble and is always willing and ready to try something new. He is a true example to everyone around him and an overall wonderful human.

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