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It’s crazy to think that the 2019 Open is rapidly approaching! Now is the time for you to register to be part of the 2019 Solcana Open Team Challenge, AKA the most fun time of year.

What is the Open?

The CrossFit Open is an international competition that happens yearly in February and March. It’s an opportunity for CrossFit athletes across the world to test out their skills by completing 5 different workouts. Each week CrossFit Games ( releases a workout, and you have just five days to complete it and submit your score. Read more about it at the CF games site.

The schedule of workouts is:
19.1: Feb. 21st release, complete by Feb. 24th
19.2: Feb. 28th release, complete by Mar. 3rd
19.3: Mar. 7th release, complete by Mar. 10th
19.4: Mar. 14th release, complete by Mar. 17th
19.5: Mar. 21st release, complete by Mar. 24th

How to get Involved

To complete the open workouts this year, you need to register to be part of a Solcana team.  The registration form is at the bottom of this blog post. These teams are randomly chosen, and consist of 4 people. They will be random, but they will be coordinated with time of day you tend to workout, so you can see your teammates often, and encourage them.

  • Teams will be made up of athletes of all skill levels, with an option to be on an TFW or BIPOC team.
  • Each week the workouts are divided into Platinum, Gold or Silver options. CrossFit release them with an Rx or Scaled name, and then we will take them and sort them into our normal way of doing things. You will notice that each level (P, G, S) will have two weight options. This is our way of navigating the fact that CrossFit HQ makes two gendered options for each of their workouts. You can just choose each week which option fits your body best!
  • There is a prize to be had for the top scoring athlete in every workout.
  • At the end of the Open, prizes will be awarded for top team, as well as a prize for the “spirit award”.
  • Each team will drop their lowest score each week. So, if you are sick or absent one week, just let your team know!
  • You do not need to register on the official page.
  • You do need to register below to be selected for a Solcana team.
  • If you can’t be part of a team, you can still complete the workouts on the given days. We will be doing the workout every Friday.
  • Deadline to sign up for a team spot is Monday Jan 21st by 5 pm.
  • You can complete the Open workout at any CrossFit gym in the world, though you may have to alter it a bit to match how we do it.

It does not matter if you are “not good” at CrossFit, or “not strong enough”, or whatever other garbage thing you are telling yourself right now to avoid signing up. You CAN and WILL complete the open workouts at whatever level you are capable of. This is a chance for you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and commit to something now that is over a month away. If you’ve never done it before, talk to someone in the gym who has and they will tell you just how much fun it is!

When you can do the Workouts

You will have the chance to complete these workouts ALL DAY Friday and at 11 am on Saturdays, or open gym on Sundays. As long as the score is submitted to me by Sunday evening at 5 pm it will be accepted!

Friday Night Lights will run from 5:30-7:30 pm, where we will run several heats of the Open Workouts, and pack the gym with cheering people. If you want to take part in that, you can sign up on WODify to save a spot (there will likely be about 24-30 spots per week depending on the workout), and show up no later than 6:30 to participate. This will be only lightly-coached, so if you need some more technical instruction on one of the movements, consider coming to an earlier class, or pulling aside Coach Ryan while you are getting warmed up.

I highly encourage you to sign up to be part of a team. You and your team are going to have a lot of fun picking your name, putting your outfits together, and pushing one another to do your best!

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