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Hi. Lauren here. You know, once in a while, there are some rare mornings when I wake up, without being prompted by my over-active bladder. I lie there nestled in my bed, and realize I am awake just moments before my alarm starts its round of annoying beeps and boops.

And on these rare mornings, I am not bothered by the loss of those precious few minutes of sleep, but rather, excited that I can lie there for a moment. Like I’ve somehow cheated the system. I don’t have to get up yet, or get ready yet, or get anywhere yet. I can just BE.

I call this time, “The Space In Between”.

And during the “Space In Between”, I do some of my best thinking. I take stock of my mind. How I feel. And how my body feels. I sometimes plan my day, or even replay my dream from the night before. I observe my room drenched in that specific morning light. You know the light I’m talking about… Morning light has a quality all it’s own. And I love it. (As much as a die-hard night owl can, of course.)

I notice on the rare days when I wake up like this, I usually end up having a great day. I think it’s because I’ve allowed myself a few minutes to take things in and get my bearings. And I do it at my own speed. I wasn’t being forced to wake up from a machine, and then FUNCTION, EXECUTE, GO.  I woke up on my own, because my body wanted to, and I can take my time to check-in with myself and get intentional.

Being intentional is a really beautiful spot to be in too. It means I am present. I can hold myself accountable. I have a willingness and a desire. And when I’m intentional, I set the pace.

Well, I am so so so happy to announce that the crackerjack team of fitness/nutrition experts at Solcana have been working hard to create a “Space In Between” (so-to-speak) for all of you who want an opportunity to get intentional with your body, and your fitness.

Body Adapt allows you to start off on a road to fitness in a way that suits you. At a pace you choose. Because your body wants to, but your mind and your courage might need a few more minutes. This new program will work you out, while working you into a new mindset for a lifelong, intentional relationship to nutrition and fitness.

Solcana has changed everything for me. They created a safe, welcoming place for me to come as I am. And I get to play an active, intentional role in my fitness. And for the first time in my life, I feel ready to say “Good Morning” to my body, and really mean it.

But don’t just take my word for it– I hope you will join me in that rare and beautiful “Space In Between.”


Morning session: January 7 – February 13th, Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00-7:00am 

Evening session: January 8 – February 14, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm

Introductory meeting for both sessions on Monday, January 7th 6:30-7:30pm 


$350 for full 6-week program, includes:

  • 12 in-person fitness classes
  • 6 online nutrition classes
  • 6 class mobility punch-card to try our stretchy recovery classes
  • Access to online accountability group


Get signed up now.

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