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I have never been an athlete. Growing up I tried every sport you could think of and never stuck to any except dance. Culture always said dance wasn’t a sport, so I just assumed I was never an athlete. As an adult I always went to the gym, but never knew what to do while there.

A year ago, my friend Molly Murphy, told me she found this amazing new gym. I told my friends that I was doing Crossfit with my friend Molly the next day and they all burst out laughing! I went to my first WTF class and loved everything about it but was not ready to commit. A few months later after going through a break up I knew I had to keep my brain occupied with something healthy.  I walked up to Hannah who was sitting outside after a particularly gooey mobility class, and said, “Hey, I’m here to sign up!” A little confused, I signed up and have been going every other day for the last year.

Little did I know, that I am an athlete! Each class that I go to I am surprised by what my body is able to do. I am able to lift super heavy stuff and kill a metcon. When I first started I hated the metcon part of a class and now I look forward to it because I’m able to do it all! I have never known my body like I do know. From someone who has never lifted weights to being someone who can back squat 265# is boggling my mind and all my friend’s minds! I have never stuck to something athletic so intensely.

Solcana is one of my favorite places to be. The inclusion that I feel each class is immense. One of my favorite moments, was at the anniversary party where I was able to snatch the last weight on the snatch ladder a few times. The whole gym erupted! For someone who has never been cheered on for her athleticism, it was an amazing feeling.

My confidence in who I am and what my body can do has translated in all areas of my life. I feel more confident in my work, my relationships, and with who I am. As someone who struggles with anxiety, Solcana has also become a place where I am able to leave my anxiety in class and work it all out. I feel calmer just by walking in the door. I am so thankful for a place that encourages people to come to the gym in any space they’re in where they will be accepted and even celebrated.

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