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Those Sugar Cravings Tho

This week in Essential You the topics were Body Awareness and Blood Sugar Regulation.  Unfortunately, I missed our group session. I over did it over the weekend and was feeling rather poorly by the time class came around.  Chronic illness is such a pain, literally and figuratively! But, Emma was kind enough to share the materials and I worked through them on my own.


Body awareness is something I’ve struggled with a lot, from the teenage onset of an eating disorder, to the chronic pain I’ve suffered in adulthood, I’ve spent a lot of time ignoring my body and the signals it sends me.  So when I learned that body awareness was one of the subjects of discussion for Essential You, I was a little apprehensive.

The course materials provided some really great ideas for getting started, though!  I selected a few of them to try to incorporate more into my day-to-day schedule. I have a meditation app on my phone I want to use more. And one of my big goals is to hit up Solcana mobility classes during the remainder of Essential You! So look for me in Mobility a couple days next week and ask me about Essential You! I’d love to chat.


The other half of the subject matter this week was blood sugar regulation.  Woof. This one gets me every time. I forget how much sugar is added to the most random things!  I’ll admit, I haven’t been perfect in my food challenge program since starting on Monday, and sugar is a major culprit!  I’ve decreased it quite a bit though, and will keep working to eliminate more from my routine. I’m starting to remember what it feels like to not be riding the wave of blood sugar spikes and crashes.  Who knew I could get through a work day without a soda or some chocolate at 3pm?!

Goals for this week:

  1. Hit up some mobility
  2. Use my mediation app
  3. Keep knocking down the sugar dragon

Check back next week to see how I do!

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