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Solcana Homies and community at large,

Emma Vasseur here, checking in to share updates on what’s next with Essential You and my role here within our incredible community.

At the start of the year, I took over as facilitator of the Essential You 101 course!  Lucia Hawley, NTP extraordinaire, created this program and left the content with us when she moved on to the next chapter of her practice.  I’m so excited and honored to be able to contribute this material in such an engaging and meaningful way to our community; a community that means a lot to me personally as I’ve grown and evolved immensely simply by being a member of Solcana.

My goal is to recreate Essential You with my unique education and experience while continuing to emphasize how food plays a major role in our physical, mental, emotional and energetic health.

One of my biggest intentions is to facilitate and hold space for you, and all participants of the program, to feel empowered in making informed, conscious choices about what you choose to eat or not to eat.  Information is power and I hope to give you the information you need to shift from the idea that food is “good” and/or “bad” and focus more on how it impacts our body and our bodily functions.  Doing so has been shown to remove shame from the eating game and increase self-awareness and self-compassion, for myself and for past participants of the program.  We will do all of this while having fun and learning how to relate to our bodies in new, accessible ways!

I will continue to check in on a weekly basis, here via the blog, as I find greater clarity and authenticity in my approach to the program!

The next round is going to start Sunday, April 15 and I’m confident I’ll have something fully complete for you by then.

Thank you all for our patience as I re-work the program so that I can feel confident in sharing it with you and our community at large!  Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, ideas for what you’d like to be a part of the program, funny memes, and/or words of encouragement 😉  My email is at the bottom of this post.

With care and gratitude,

Emma Vasseur
[email protected]

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